Coaching, Consulting, Training and Speaking

As the owner of Great Leadership, Dan works with organizations and individuals to optimize their leadership capabilities. His expertise includes leadership coaching, succession planning and leadership development consulting, training, meeting design and facilitation, speaking, and writing.

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Leadership Coaching:
Dan uses a combination of non-directive coaching and individualized learning to help leaders identify their strengths and development needs, set goals, create development plans, and achieve positive behavioral change. His coaching process begins with a 360-degree assessment and includes involvement from the leader’s manager and/or sponsor. Coaching takes place over the phone, usually in one-hour sessions over a period of 6 to 12 months.
Representative client organizations:
- Dana Incorporated (automotive equipment): Global senior executives from India, China,        Europe, and the U.S.
- Datwyler Sealing Solutions: Global senior executives from Europe and the U.S.
- Hubspot
- Lonza
- Northeast Delta Dental
- Mascoma Savings Bank

Preferred assessments include: CCL’s Benchmarks and Compass, TKI Conflict, Hogan Motives, Values and Preferences Inventory, Social Styles, and Hay’s ESCI (Emotional Intelligence). Able to interpret and debrief most any 360-degree assessment.

I worked with Dan as my executive coach for over a year. During this time, I found great value in his insightfulness and guidance in helping me to identify areas of weakness, target the issue, and develop an action plan.  He provided meaningful feedback that I could put into practice immediately.  Dan is an excellent listener and leader himself, which is why every coaching session was tailored to what I needed. As I saw my leadership skills improve, so did the efficiency of my work and then environment in my team.  Working with Dan has been a great pleasure and I’m grateful to have had the opportunity.”
Megan Williamson, Head of Sales, Americas, Datwyler Sealing Solutions

Succession Planning and Leadership Development:
Dan has managed succession planning and leadership development at Rochester Gas & Electric, Eastman Kodak, and Paychex, Inc. He has consulted with a number of small to mid-size organizations, including Hamilton, North American, R.E.I, Northeast Delta Dental, New England Wire Technologies, ISEE and McFarland Johnson.

Services include strategy development, program design, talent review preparation and facilitation, development planning, and custom services needed to assist in the identification and preparation of next-generation leaders.

“When we needed to formalize our executive succession process we called on Dan. With 1000 employees and growing at a double digit rate annually we could no longer rely on the informal practices which had gotten us to where we were. Dan’s low-key, practical approach and gentle prodding moved us quickly to a successful conclusion which was immediately approved by the Board of Directors and implemented.”
Phil Nelson, Principle, Hamilton Telecommunications

Leadership Training:
Half-day to multi-day workshops include Coaching, Employee Development, Performance Management, Delegation (Leadership by Letting Go), Conflict Management, Supervisory and Team Leader training, Emerging Leadership, Leading Change, Meeting Management, Facilitation Skills, and more.
Meeting Design and Facilitation:

Dan has extensive experience in meeting design and facilitation and is a Master Trainer in Interaction Associate’s “Mastering Meetings” methodology. Dan can help diverse groups reach consensus on organization vision and goals and solve complex problems in a way where everyone is fully engaged and bought into the outcomes.

Dan is available to provide an engaging 60 to 90-minute conference presentation. Previous topics have included:

- “An 8-Step Guide to Developing your Leadership Skills.”
- “Using the ‘9 Box’ Performance and Potential Matrix to Assess Talent.”
- How to Write a Great Individual Development Plan (IDP)
- Succession Planning