Nurture Your Leadership Intuition

post by Martha Alderson:
often rely on surveys, empirical data, conscious reasoning, concrete evidence,
facts, logic, and scientific research before making decisions or changing the
current course of action. We turn to experts for insight as we attempt to
understand and solve a complex problem. We lean into tried-and-true strategies hoping
to replicate past successes. However, life today moves at warp speed. What
worked previously, doesn’t apply in today’s world. We’re asked to innovate and
create new solutions instantaneously.
than turn to others for answers, you have within you something more powerful
and honest and reliable and immediate than any outside expert or long-standing
model of operation. What you possess serves you better and makes you a unique
and trusted leader. That something is your inner voice, otherwise known as your
intuition and innate wisdom.
Your Inner Voice
you’re asked to react on the fly, fix what’s not working, and come up with
creative solutions, you don’t have the luxury of time to research. Instead,
listen to and rely on your inner self for immediate hits of insight, knowing,
and understanding. You make a snap judgment of the situation, the person, or
the problem. This, then, becomes a starting place to form solid decisions as
you invite in ideas and possibilities to plot a plan and determine a course of
however, you doubt your instinct and what you’re intuiting, or disrespect the inner
guidance you’re being offered, believing your inner feelings are an illusion
and can’t be proven, are immaterial, a weakness or insignificant, you’re negating
your greatest strength. Your inner voice offers you the true nature of reality
beyond the physical. Your sixth sense nurtures your confidence and grows your faith
in yourself to inspire others.
on Your Intuition
intuition is the non-physical and deepest part of you. It asks that you demand
no proof and no evidence of its truth, but to simply trust when you pick up on
subtle cues from those you’re leading, when you sense you’re headed in the
wrong direction, when you feel an inner clarity. Your inner voice is that which
you know to be true even when, especially when, everyone and everything else
say differently. When you rely on your inner messages, you rarely make a wrong
move. A hunch, a feeling, your gut reaction often lead you to answers you never
could have come up with through your intellect alone.
often have difficulty hearing our innate wisdom beneath the clamor of our
learned responses and conventional wisdom. It takes courage to have faith in
your intuition and to stick to your decisions when what you’re proposing goes
against all available evidence to the contrary. To stand in your truth is
daring and audacious, and often threatens your ego with fears of being wrong or
laughed at when you know you know but have no idea why or how you came to be so
certain, and are unable to explain beyond the simple statement—I just know.
you learn to trust and are guided by your intuition, you lead by example, which
in turn encourages those you lead to begin trusting their inner voice, too.

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