Why Training and Development = Success All Round

Guest post from Royston Guest:
and developing is a two-way partnership between the individual and the
business. I think of it as a ‘soft contract’, the rules of engagement for how
both parties can achieve maximum value from the relationship. If you are able
to link your personal and professional growth to the organisation, you are more
likely to stay and participate at a higher level through increased commitment
and loyalty.
part of this ‘soft contract’ of growth and development are three core
principles which underpin its very essence, and which results in a win-win for
all involved.
#1 An individual’s
never-ending thirst for learning
believe every person owns their own performance through the conscious choices
they make and one of those is undoubtedly having an attitude of constant
curiosity for learning.
particularly as adults, we slip into the trap of complacency, operating in a
state of unconsciousness where it feels like we are just going through the
the day you stop LEARNING is the day you stop EARNING!
the day you slip into a place that I call ‘the groove or the grave’ – no man’s
land. It’s the day you accept your place in the world of mediocrity where just
enough is good enough. It’s the day when you lose your edge and stop being your
best self.
an increasingly competitive world, there is no such thing as standing still.
All around you, people are actively moving forward and standing still really
means you’re falling behind.
not get to the point where your people feel like they are falling behind,
because from this point on, you will be just playing catch up, trying to reach
the point where they think they ought to be. And that place is no fun for
#2 Setting your people up for success.
If you asked your
people what great performance looks like, feels like and acts like in their
role, how aligned would their answer be with your version? There should be one
version of the truth, and in my experience perception and reality are often
If you haven’t
created absolute clarity about what the expectations are for their role,
explained and demonstrated what great looks like, and set them up for success,
it’s almost predictable that you and your people will be working to different
models and interpretations of what great looks like.
Create clarity of
purpose for your people. Enable them with the mindset (attitude, determination,
will), the skillset (technical or soft skills) and the toolset (tools to do
their job) to truly unlock their potential and deliver excellence within their
role fueling their inner self worth, igniting their self-motivation, building
their confidence and their loyalty will be inevitable.
Empowerment without enablement is a train crash!
is often an overused word which means little without enablement. The one
without the other is simply a train crash.
training is created to serve the majority of the needs of those carrying out a
general role, rather than catering for the individual needs of each unique employee.
Although there is some efficiency in the traditional way of thinking, there is
magic in making learning and development suit the individual.
an individual so they have the capability to contribute their whole self gets
them to return next day inspired, motivated, and enthused to be the best they
can be.
success of any business is hardwired to the productivity of its people.
that consider people as merely a paid resource have difficulty retaining good
people and generally end up overpopulated with under performers.
Organisations that value people as their greatest asset and demonstrate
it through their actions are positioned to get the best out of all employees
whilst retaining their top talent or high potential – a catalyst for business
Royston Guest is a leading authority on
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