Teach Millennials how to use their Power

post from Dan Negroni:

When we think of leaders and
when we think of millennials, there are usually conflicting descriptions. We
describe great leaders as honest, hard working, empowering, transparent, generous
and so many other positive traits.
Millennials are often described as lazy, entitled, selfish and so many other negative traits. However, after working
with thousands of millennials, I can assure that these assertions about
millennials are myths.  And I am sure you
are thinking this is a relief.
Millennials have the hunger
and potential to become great leaders. But they lack fundamental leadership
skills and don’t understand how to tap into them. It’s up to us as the old
guys, the parents, managers and leaders to teach them how to tap into their
inner leadership power. Lead by example, through coaching and teaching, so we
can demonstrate how to understand their valuable skills and access their inner
leader. The big question is…how? Here
are 4 ways to develop your millennial workers into leaders of the future.

from Strength

best leaders are effective because they
what they’re best at and they lead with those skills. In order to
create effective millennial leaders, we must help them first understand their
strengths. Consider using a strength finder assessment or the Power of Why? to
unveil your millennials’ strengths, passions and values. Each of your
millennial workers has their own gifts and talents. Your job is to identify
what these skills are so you can place them in the optimal position for them to
succeed. This is how millennials can tap into their true leadership power—by
leading from their strengths

2.)   Teach the WIFThem strategy

your strengths is critical to being a great leader… but it does no good do if
you can’t communicate your strengths
to others. Teach your millennials how to communicate their value so it’s relevant
to whomever they’re speaking to. At launchbox, we use the WIFThem strategy,
which stands for “What’s in it for them?” We must show millennials that when
they shift the focus from “me” to “them,” they can deliver the most value. As
the most purposeful generation, they get this.

say your millennial is talking to a prospective client. He can either say a.)  “I am a people person,” or b.) “I offer
impeccable customer service, anticipate people’s needs and go above and beyond
to solve customer problems.” Which sounds better? Show your millennials how to
align the WIFThem method with their strengths so they can lead effectively. This
is true leadership power.

them how to listen—and prove that they listened

leaders understand the power of listening and being able to be influenced. They
listen to client and employee frustrations, new ideas and opportunities before they act and speak. Millennials
grew up with the ability to voice their opinion 24/7 365 days a year. In such a
noisy world, they need to understand value of being a good listener. Coach your
millennials that they can’t learn while they’re talking, but only when they’re
listening. Show them how that works by demonstrating that skill with them.

your millennials not just to listen, but to show
that they are listening and retaining what they hear. Have them repeat back to
you what they’ve heard. Have them ask powerful questions to show they are
curious and engaged. This powerful strategy proves that your Millennials truly
care. By conveying that they not only listened, but retained information as
well, your Millennials will naturally lead with confidence.


Millennials grew up in a world
with little to no privacy. Social media is the norm for them and they’re used
to people seeing every part of their life via Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram. They
are also jaded by being bombarded with messaging. They crave authenticity:
being real.  As a manger, teach them the
power of transparency. In order to lead effectively in this noisy economy, what
you say and what you believe in must align with what you do. Show millennials
that the best leaders are transparent with their beliefs. Teach them to
communicate from the inside out. Share your company vision with your
millennials and have them contribute to your mission statement. Show them how
to communicate their value so it’s congruent with their “why.”  Once millennials understand this, they can
lead with transparency.

Millennials have the ability
to become great leaders. We just need to teach them to recognize and lead from
their innate strengths, communicate effectively, listen well and be transparent
in what they do. Start today and lets awaken the leaders of tomorrow!


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