Monday, March 28, 2016

“Dealing with your Manager” and Other Work Advice for College Students

I’ve been asked by our Career Services office to deliver a one hour workshop in a couple weeks for our business school juniors, seniors, and MBAs.
Even though I happen to work at the University of New Hampshire, most of my career has been dedicated to helping aspiring and current managers’ development.

So other than having given advice to my two daughters, I’ll be way out of my element.

For the MBAs, most of whom have been in the workforce a few years, I might have a receptive audience and even a few ounces of credibility. But for the 20-21 year olds, what could I possibly say that they’re going to
A. Believe

B. Remember
C. Use to make a positive difference in their early careers?

D. Put their smartphones down to listen too?
I’ve got a LOT of stuff to draw from that I’ve written over the years – way too much for an hour.

I'm planning to draw from the “best of” collection below. 
Which ones from the list would you suggest that I use? Or, what advice do you have for college students to prepare them to deal with managers (or other workplace tips)?

Please leave a comment and wish me luck!
Stuff I’ve written for Great Leadership:
How to Discuss a Problem with Your Manager

10 Tips for Having 1 on 1 Meetings with Your Boss

Career Advice: parts 1-5 (a five part post I wrote in 2010)

Stuff I’ve written for
How to Manage Up

10 Surefire Ways to Annoy Your Manager (I’m pretty good at this one!)

What is a “High Potential”?

How to Ask for a Promotion (I’ll defer to my friend and career expert Alison Doyle for this one)


Tom said...


These students need to know that if they have a culture match with an organization, they will reach their highest level of performance faster.

Dan McCarthy said...

Thanks Tom!