Monday, October 5, 2015

A Manager’s Guide to Dealing with Offensive Office Etiquette

Swearing, body odor, bad breath, talking too loud, excessive farting, and too much perfume or cologne.
These are all examples of workplace etiquette that managers need to address. Read my latest post over at Management and Leadership to find out how.


Anonymous said...

I'd disagree that perfume is only a pet peeve. As a chronic sufferer of migraines -- which are covered under the ADA -- I can tell you strong perfumes can trigger attacks. The thing about perfume is that it's supposed to be a personal scent, something the wearer smells and perhaps someone who is intimate enough with the person to get physically close. The fragrance isn't really supposed to be something you smell in a business meeting, across cubicle walls, or precede you as you enter someone's office. And some scented oils in particular don't dissipate (think patchouli, sandalwood, etc.) -- the oil actually gets in to everything you own(clothing, bedding) so the smell never goes away.

Dan McCarthy said...

Kama -
Thanks for sharing that information! I'd edited the post over at About to reflect this.

Unknown said...

Dan, thank you for posting about these sensitive and awkward issues. There is a fine line in dealing with situations such as these, and others, and sometimes the lack of addressing them properly can be just as offensive as the offense itself. Hopefully people will feel more confident and comfortable in leading through these challenges in building a better work culture for all to enjoy. Again, thanks you for bringing attention to this!

Dan McCarthy said...

Paul -
Thanks for your comment! I still can't believe I wrote a post that included farting at work. That's one I hope I never have to deal with as a manager. The rest I actually have.