Monday, December 8, 2014

All About the Performance and Potential Matrix

Regular Great Leadership readers are already familiar with the performance and potential matrix, otherwise known as the "9 box".

In case you'd a refresher, I'm writing a series of posts on the 9 box over at Management and Leadership.

Here's part one and two:

8 Reasons to Use the 9 Box Matrix for Succession Planning and Development

How to Use the 9 Box Matrix for Succession Planning and Development



Rod J said...

Doug, thank you for your continued insights. I read your comments regarding use of the Nine Box with great interest since I've been doing some research in this area. Although I think the Nine Box is good, its in need of a refresh which I'll be doing in an upcoming White Paper. When you truly dig in and get your fingers dirty, the construct for performance - potential is simply too abstract in its current format. Second, you mention cost. I see lots of people go down the free route - however, if an organization misfires identifying a key talent - the costs are significant. For instance, Bersin's research suggests a price tag of $10,000 per year development costs for emergent leaders. Lastly potential has absolutely no relevance from my perspective. I like the work being done over in the Learning Agility arena. Although not perfect, there is a high correlation to what we would like to refer to as potential.
As we get closer - if interested - I'd be happy to send it to you.

Dan McCarthy said...

Rod -
Thanks for your comment! Yes, I'd be interested to see your white paper, as I'm always open to new perspectives on this stuff.