Thursday, April 24, 2014

How to Convince Your Boss You’re Ready For a Promotion

Guest post from Karin Hurt:

You think you’re ready to be promoted. Your boss… not so much. Perhaps she’s known you for years and she still has an outdated view of your professional maturity and competencies. Or, maybe there’s a style difference that’s getting in the way of her seeing your true capabilities. Or, let’s face it, you might not be ready.

Getting ticked off will only make matters worse.   Here’s a proven model for approaching the “do you think I’m ready” conversation.
Share what you’re feeling and why.   Work to understand her point of view.  It’s likely that your current performance is a factor.  Understand what you’re doing well in your current job from her perspective, as well as where things are breaking down.  Resist the urge to talk about “promises” made by other leaders, or your expectations based on those discussions.
Ask for additional ways to engage in the business.  Would she be willing to let you shadow her for a day?  Be sure to emphasize that you want the “real deal.”  If there’s a late-night fire drill, you want to be included.  Ensure you understand what the next level is really all about.
I’ve had folks decide for themselves they weren’t ready after a day of shadowing.
Ask if she thinks it would be appropriate to meet with her peers or her boss to get additional feedback.  Be prepared with specific questions.
Listen carefully to all that feedback and suggest a few developmental options to grow in these areas.  Ask for other specific ideas to include.  Be sure to place time frames around them and follow up upon completion.
Be patient.  Becoming overly aggressive will backfire.  Also take your development seriously but don’t let it overwhelm you or others.   Beware of developmental deluge.
Your turn.
What tips do you have for folks facing the “I think I’m ready conversation?
Author bio:
Karin Hurt is an experienced executive, speaker and writer, and CEO of Let's Grow Leaders.  Karin is the author of "Overcoming an Imperfect Boss," available on Amazon. Connect with her on Twitter: @letsgrowleaders.

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