Leading Like the Energizer Bunny

Guest post by Great
Leadership monthly contributor Beth Armknecht Miller:

Guess what?  It can’t
be done.  No human can keep on going and
going without recharging their “batteries”. 
And when leaders start running on empty, bad things can happen.

Leaders who aren’t able to effectively manage their energy
are subject to:

Making poor decisions

Communicating ineffectively

Missing the obvious and the subtle

Managing their emotions improperly

So what techniques do leaders use to manage their energy?

1. They surround
themselves with people who are energy producers not energy users.

Take a look around you. Where are the windmills and solar
panels in your organization and personal life? You should be able to think of
their names quickly. When you need a boost reach out to them.

These are the people who see a half full glass and
immediately start making lemonade out of a pile of lemons. They are also the
people who respect you and value the gifts you bring to the organization, and
they are the ones who step in to help you when you need help.

2. They take short
periods of time each day for just themselves.

We all have our own biorhythms and we know at what point in
the day our energy will drop and when we are at our best. Prepare for those
drops in energy before they come and take time to reenergize. Talk a walk and visit
with your energy producers or find a quiet place to close your eyes and go to
your “happy” place.  This is a place that
is either real or imagined where you can refuel.  It is a place that only you know; it creates
a sense of peace and relaxation.

3. They use their
high-energy times like the Energizer Bunny.

Leaders can accomplish a lot when they use their high-energy
times to tackle the difficult and important such as decisions and
communications. They quickly prioritize and use their energy as effectively as
possible by getting the most important things off your list.

4. They delegate

The leaders who feel drained, more often than not are just
saying yes to too many people and projects. They are the ones who want to help
solve all the problems because they have the correct solution.

Being able to let go of things that others around you can
do, may even want to do, is a great energy management technique. Focus on those
things that are providing the most value to the organization and those things
that use your strengths not your challenges.

Don’t get trapped into the cycle of low energy.  Use these 4 techniques to manage your energy,
decrease your stress, and become a much more effective leader. Not only will
your employees thank you but your friends and family will as well.

Beth Armknecht Miller is CEO of Executive
Velocity, a top talent and leadership development advisory firm. Beth is a
trusted executive consultant, Vistage Chair, and committed volunteer. She is a
graduate of Babson College and Harvard Business School’s OPM program. She is
certified in Myers Briggs, Hogan, and Business DNA. And she is a Certified
Managerial Coach. Beth’s insight and expertise has made her a sought-after
speaker, and she has been featured in numerous industry blogs and publications.
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