What Would Your Headline Be?

Guest post from Steven Mundahl, with contributing
writer Sharon Massoth:

Not a day goes by that we don’t see a headline where some
public leader is “outed.” Rising stars in sports, business, religion,
entertainment or government all fill the headlines. A fallen leader may cause
us to scan our own lives for similar issues. Perhaps we have small secrets that
are not headline material but we would rather not have them revealed: We are a
perfectionist.  We have impulsive anger
that can get triggered in certain rare situations.   Other times, the secrets are bigger:  We are an alcoholic. We have serial affairs
and consider it one of the perks of our position.  We secretly carry a compulsive sexual
addiction from a childhood abuse imprinting. We have a shopping or gambling addiction
leading us to siphon off extra “perks” from the company.    
Authentic Living:
It’s Easier!

It’s easier, simpler and certainly more peaceful to live an
authentic life free from dishonest deeds. We are aware of the past domino
effect of one bad decision leading to another. We know the importance of
healing our self-worth, changing our stressful lifestyles and making stronger
spiritual connections. Once we are aware that we need to change a behavior we
amazingly find that help is all around us. 

Here are some
questions to help you assess:
What would your headline be?

What is your greatest reward in continuing this

What is your greatest fear in giving up this

How would my spouse, my children, my Board, my
staff react to this headline?”
The Path to Healing:
The Shifting Sands Reveal All
Imagine yourself standing on the sands of a desert.  You know there is gold down below. You have
to dig for it.  Where do you start? With
your x-ray vision you can see 4 basic layers:
The Genetic first
We have genetics which predispose us to psychological tendencies or
addictions.  Every family has biologically-based
tendencies: OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) ADHD, alcoholism or depression
to name a few. Whatever biological hand we have been dealt, we need to take our
so-called “lemon” genetics and turn them into lemonade.
The “Fault-Line” Layer:
 None of us escaped getting some family dysfunction
along with the good stuff. This resulted in hidden yet volatile fractures below
the surface. Our stressful lives are like living in an earthquake prone area. Our
book is about the personal journey of leadership with review of all areas of
your life. You need to know where the fault lines are (negative triggers and
beliefs) and ways to heal them. An example is the negative belief that reveals
itself with road rage: “I am not respected. I don’t count.” 
The Crust Layer: We
have a brain which tries to hold it all together. It is like having our own
inner APP whose purpose is to protect us, reward us for new territories/inventions
and arouse us toward attractive sex partners to ensure survival of the species.  To keep the fault-lines from shifting beneath
your crust, you need a good stress reduction routine (sleep, exercise, nutrition,
self-regulation etc.)  Without one, your
brain is subject to an “amygdala hijack” (Daniel Goleman, Ph.D.) or impulsive,
ill-thought out decisions.
The Gold layer:  This is the authentic harmonious self you
attain through becoming a master of your own life. Rachel Naomi Remen, MD  states “Healing may not be so much about
getting better, as about letting go of everything that isn’t you—all of the
expectations, all of the beliefs—and becoming who you are.” 
As leaders, we need feedback on our strengths and
weaknesses.  More important, we need to
see that transforming our weaknesses is the journey to become an authentic
leader. Rumi said it best: “The wound is the place where the light enters you.”

Author Bios:
Steven Mundahl
is a leadership scholar and professor, and president and CEO of Goodwill
Industries in Western Massachusetts.  

Sharon Massoth,
LCSW, contributing author, is a psychotherapist, business coach and a gifted
intuitive. She consults nationally in areas of stress management and intuition
for success.

Their new book
is The Alchemy of Authentic Leadership (2013). Journey with the author
through his own challenges and triumphs in becoming an authentic leader
and building a strong leadership platform. Learn how to heal into wholeness
using evidence-based therapies as well as holistic and intuitive tools. 
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