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The June 3rd, 2013 Leadership Development Carnival

Welcome to the June 3rd, 2013 edition of the Leadership Development Carnival!

You've heard of "speed dating"? Well, here's your monthly dose of "speed leadership development". 30 leadership bloggers in 90 minutes. Try 'em all, it's the best investment of your time you'll make today!

Dana Theus from InPower Women presents Iron Man vs. Athena for CEO - Leadership Battle of the Sexes. “Looking at new research on what global citizens have to say about the qualities we want in our leaders, it's at 180 degrees in orientation from what our summer blockbuster movies tell us about what makes a good leader.”

Anna Farmery from The Engaging Brand presents What is strategy? “Strategy and tactics are so often confused, this post and graphic simplifies it...hopefully!”
Julie Winkle Giulioni from presents Want to Kill Young Workers' Motivation and Drive? Utter These 4 Words. “Four small words are all it takes to extinguish motivation, choke off possibilities, discourage, demoralize and drive young workers away. At all costs, avoid "You're too young to..."”

Meg Bear from Meg Bear’s Leadership Blog presents You don’t want balance, you want control. “Instead of looking for balance [that doesn’t exist], build a plan to get control of your life.”
Mary Jo Asmus from Mary Jo Asmus presents When are you ready for an executive coach? “There is an optimal time for you to hire an executive coach, and this post outlines how to tell when the time is right for you.”

S. Chris Edmonds from Driving Results Through Culture presents Great Bosses Ensure Accountability. “This post/podcast is the fourth in a five-part series outlining the best practices of GREAT bosses. This entry describes how great bosses hold themselves and all staff accountable for both performance and for values.”

Lolly Daskal from presents The Duality of Leadership.
Sharlyn Lauby from HR Bartender presents High Performing Organizations Manage Change Well.

Randy Conley from Leading With Trust presents Build Trust Today or Lose Talent Tomorrow – 3 Tips to Keep Your Top People. “Retaining key talent is of critical importance to organizational leaders. Regardless of the talent management and retention strategies you employ, this post shares three tips that will help you build a foundation of trust with your top performers.”
John Hunter from Curious Cat Management Improvement Blog presents Executive Leadership. “When the senior executives are not leading improvement of the management system they inevitably undermine the efforts of others because they don't understand the impact of their actions.”

Jesse Lyn Stoner from Jesse Lyn Stoner presents Go For the Gold! 8 Tips to Create the Future You Desire. “Over the years, studying vision and helping leaders in a variety of settings I learned that the real power comes when you focus on what you desire. Proactively focus on what you want, not reactively on your problems. While you might remove a specific problem, you are likely to discover another problem awaits, and you will move from one crisis to another. Instead of focusing on problems, picture the results you desire.”

Bruce Lewin from Four Groups' Blog presents 3 Barriers to Adaptability and Change.
“There are 3 core barriers to adaptability and change. 1. Prioritising Short Term Profits 2. Short Term Thinking 3. An Addiction to Core Revenue Streams. By applying these 3 barriers to Nokia, Blackberry, Blockbuster, Kodak and others, it's possible to see how each organisation struggled to meet oncoming changes and competitive threats to their businesses.”
Bernd Geropp from More Leadership presents Three dirty little secrets about being an entrepreneur and running a start-up business. “In this post I’ll share 3 misconceptions entrepreneurs and business leaders should be aware when starting a company but also when starting a bigger project. When I started my businesses I would have wanted to know these - but I didn’t!”

Robyn McLeod from The Thoughtful LeadersÔ Blog presents Happy merger, happy marriage, “where she shares how the keys to a great marriage can offer insight to leading successful organizational change.”
Karin Hurt from presents Orchestra Without a Conductor

How are your managerial manners? Jennifer V. Miller of The People Equation shares five ways to serve up respect to your team in Daily Ways to be a Mannerly Manager.

Mark Miller from Great Leaders Serve presents Take Back Your Life. “We all seem to be busier than ever before, but what happens when busy becomes hurry? This post suggests why hurry is dangerous, why it happens and what we can do to stop all the hurry.”
Jon Mertz from Thin Difference presents Millennial Leaders: Welcome to the Arena.
“Millennial leaders or Gen Y leaders have received a lot of attention, good and bad. The important lesson is to lead from within the arena and lead well.”

Miki Saxon from MAPping Company Success presents Entrepreneurs: Laughing at Yourself. “A rarely talked about component of success, whether at work or life in general, is the ability to laugh at oneself, seems to be dwindling.”

Joan Kofodimos from Anyone Can Lead presents What's Good About Having A Bad Boss? “Lots of people have suffered through a bad-boss experience. I suggest that this experience can serve as a crucible for your own growth and learning as a leader, and outline some specific strategies for getting the most out of the experience.”
Chris Young from Human Capital Strategy Blog presents Building an Effective Teams Using the Five Dysfunctions of a Team.

Neal Burgis, Ph.D. from Practical Solutions presents Characteristics of Maverick Leaders. “Mavericks are individualists and by their very nature "different". Mavericks are so different, so edgy and so independent that they are original in their ideas, their creative and innovative thoughts go beyond what most organizations want to pursue. These individuals are the successful stand outs that make them start their own business and reach their potential as leaders.”
Wally Bock from Three Star Leadership presents A Force for Good. “The work you do as a boss isn't just about business results. It's also about your effect on people's lives.”

Mary Ila Ward from The Point: Sound Advice for Career and Leadership Development presents Are your employees on the border of 'boredom and anxiety'? “This post outlines 5 questions that leaders need to ask themselves if they want to create ideal workplaces by establishing flow for employees.”

Bill Matthies from Business Wisdom presents Standing Still Is Not An Option. “The message is, change will happen but what that change will be can be partially up to you. Take action, plan for it.”

David M. Dye from Lead Change Group presents Why Your Employee Survey is a Waste of Time.

David Burkus from LDRLB presents In Praise of Middle Managers.

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