Company Culture Matters

Guest post from Jim Leighton:

I’ll never forget my first big job interview after
college. I flew down to Houston for an onsite interview with a large Texas oil
refinery.  I was still wet behind the
years with a business and labor relations degree in hand and with soaring
intentions to conquer any obstacle before me. 
The refinery was in search of one lucky individual to navigate the
troubled waters between management, the union, and the hourly associates.  This was a job that meant walking a tightrope
of already tense relationships.

The air of superiority I sensed behind the secure walls
of the refinery’s nice office wasn’t helping. The union and the hourly
associates would surely frame me as their newfound enemy. To put it mildly, there
wouldn’t be a welcome committee to greet me on my first day.

A job offer came on the heels of that visit which I
ultimately declined, going with my gut reaction. I sensed the disintegrated teamwork at the oil company and knew my
efforts would be futile in that perfect storm of animosity.
 It is discouraging to note how
many people suffer from an unFIT dynamic at work that pollutes company culture
with negativity, resentment, and backbiting. This was the first of many leadership
lessons to come, proving that company
is among the most important environments for a leader to evaluate
and create.
A Fully
Integrated Team leader engages others and elevates them to achieve success through
their unique gifts and talents.
This is only possible with
the backing of an organization that cares for its people. It was a financial
risk to reject my first big job offer and yet I found something much more
fulfilling through the process. I found my Fully Integrated Team.
With increased emotional intelligence through 35 years of
leadership experience, I’ve created a FIT foundation from which I operate and
make decisions. It’s led me to memorable
partnerships where my needs, skills, and passions are aligned to serve people
in a nutrient-rich environment. I use one filter and primary principle to approach
any leadership decision I face:

be willing to do the harder right thing before the easier wrong thing.

It’s simple, but powerful. In all my decision-making,
this has never steered me wrong. I’ve left the money on the table before with
companies that no longer shared my dynamic vision to serve others. I have yet
to regret a decision I made using this approach.
I moved on, not
without obstacles, but with the right people to create new opportunities for my
future. The CEO at the current company I am privileged to help lead describes
himself as a “head cheerleader” of the organization. Company culture matters to everyone and is felt from the CEO to the
employee on the frontlines.
 Are you ready to Get
FIT and create a culture of success in your work setting? Do you desire to lead
a culture of positivity and growth? Join an organization that measures its
value in people before dollars signs and leverage your positive leadership influence
by Getting FIT. In all my years as a
leader and teammate, helping others succeed at their passions and gifts is the greatest
privilege of all.

Leighton is an author, leader, and speaker with over 35 years of experience in
the consumer packaged goods food and beverage industry. He is an enthusiastic
supporter of organizations and the people who drive them. Jim’s practical
team-building strategies are presented in his book
FIT: Unleash the Power of Fully Integrated Teams
and are featured on his blog and website.