No Joke: The April 1st, 2013 Leadership Development Carnival

Welcome to the April 1st, 2013 Leadership Development Carnival!

I’ve never been a fan of practical jokes, so April fool’s
Day is one of my least favorite days of the year. However, this year is
different, because I get to host the April Carnival and bring you an
outstanding collection of the “best of the best” in leadership development.

All are recent posts are fresh picked within the last two
weeks – and guaranteed to help you grow as a leader. There’s not a weed in the
entire bunch!

Before we get started, I wanted to share a little
Carnival trivia with you. I started hosting this Carnival in July, 2008, my
second year of blogging. The inaugural edition included over 30 submissions. Only one
of them, Wally Bock from Three Star Leadership, and one of my early blogging
mentors, is still a regular contributor and included in this
month’s edition (Mike Myatt and Mark Stelzner still show up now and then). I
clicked on a few of the others, and most are no longer blogging, and a few are
still around but I’ve not heard from in a while.

Most of the bloggers included in today’s Carnival are
regular contributors and share the hosting duties every other month. I’ve
gotten to know many of them, and I have to say, they are an outstanding
community of professionals. Managing this Carnival gives me a reason to connect
with each of them, keep up with their blogs, and discover some new ones each
month. I’ve hope it’s helped do the same for you, and you enjoy reading it
every month as much as we enjoy hosting it for you.
Wally Bock from Three Star Leadership presents The
Key to Engagement
. “Supervisors are
the key to engagement. What are you doing to select and prepare better

Jim Taggart from Changing Winds blog
Big-Bang in Practice: Antifragility, Innovation and
from HR
presents Is
Leading While Learning Really Effective
. “In a “do the job then get the job” world of work, is leading while
learning really effective?”
from Career Advancement Blog presents How
to stop employee turnover in the first 90 days
. “We seem to have a particular problem
keeping our new hires from jumping ship. Turnover in the first 90 days is the
main area of concern. Here are three steps you can start taking right away to
turn your situation around.”
from More
presents Five
Questions you should ask before holding a meeting!
“Lots of managers spend 50 % of their time
at work in meetings.
Many meetings are just a waste of time. They are boring, they don’t serve a
If you want an effective meeting you need to answer 5 crucial questions before
you hold the meeting… “
Fisher Thornton
from Leading in Context Blog
of These is Ethical Leadership?
“The graphic in this post illustrates the point that leaders are
interpreting “ethical leadership” at very different levels. Which one of the 3
represents ethical leadership”
Jo Asmus
from Mary
Jo Asmus
presents Embracing Feedback. “For those who want feedback but haven’t yet
learned to fully appreciate it.”
Lyn Stoner
from Jesse
Lyn Stoner Blog
presents Let’s
Stop Confusing Cooperation and Teamwork with Collaboration.
“Using collaboration, cooperation and
teamwork interchangeably dilutes their meaning and diminishes the potential to
create powerful, collaborative environments. This post defines the difference,
discusses Marissa Mayer’s memo that she was recalling remote Yahoo employees
back to offices in order to promote collaboration and explains what is required
to create a truly collaborative environment.”
Winkle Giulioni
the Bench
. “Recent research
suggests that just as many organizations are beginning to feel that they’re
stabilizing after a long period of economic uncertainty, they may in fact find
themselves facing a new and unexpected challenge: deficient management bench
strength. This post spotlights an under-leveraged approach to addressing this
issue… while at the same time driving business results.”
Chris Edmonds
from Driving Results Through
presents WOW Your Customers,
Grow Your Business
. “How
employees treat customers has a huge impact on your business’ buzz . . . and
your business’ revenues.”
from Leading
with Trust
presents Trust is….Trust is…” – How would you complete that
phrase? Trust means something different to each person, and in this reflective
post, Randy shares thoughts on what trust is to him and he invites you to add
to the list by completing the phrase, “Trust is…”
from All
Things Workplace
presents Self-Leadership
& 3 Key Variables
.  “When it comes to making career and
leadership changes, there are three variables that come into play. If you are
wrestling with where you are right now, this may help you clarify where you
need to focus your energy and your effort.”
Tim Milburn from presents
Five Ways To Turn Your Crisis Into A
“Leadership is difficult (even in your own
home). This heartfelt post was written from my own personal experience of
moving forward in the face of failure.”
from Business Wisdom What
I Will, What I Won’t
. “While
the philosophic take on this is what we will resist versus what we will attempt
to maintain, the business version is about spending or saving resources. In
Vegas, knowing when to hold ’em, when to fold ’em. It’s not easy is it?”
from InPower Consulting Blog presents
3% Leadership Revolution: A (Missed) Opportunity for Women
. “There is a quiet leadership revolution
going on, a shift in the definition of success from “what” to “how.” In times
of major change, the underdog has a strategic opportunity to end up on top. In
this revolution, the women-in-leadership underdogs have a unique opportunity to
capitalize on it and use it to define our leadership careers – to play a
leadership role in the revolution, so to speak – or miss our chance at squeezing
out from under the dominant culture that keeps women and men (both!) from
valuing what women bring to leadership table.”
from Four
Groups’ Blog
presents Why
is Understanding People So Hard
“The lack of well recognised tools and
techniques that help us better understand people through reliable predictions
undoubtedly contributes to the fact that understanding people is hard. Taking
this conclusion at face value, it’s then easy to see how some managers don’t
want to get involved in ‘people’ issues and instead they prefer to pass the
problem to HR. Time will tell how long this situation endures but given the 50
year time frames above, it’s difficult to see this cliché being consigned to
history any time soon.”
from MAPping
Company Success
presents You
are NOT Your Company
. “Ego-merge
has an out-sized negative effect on people and companies, yet it is rarely, if
ever, recognized, let alone discussed.”
Karen Kanakanui from Lead
Change Group!
presents a post by Karin
called Why
Doesn’t My Team Feel Recognized?
served up regular recognition cocktails of programs, plaques, bonuses, and fun.
You’ve spent lots of money… you’ve put in heartfelt effort. And then… the
employee survey results come in. It’s not enough. They want more. What if your
recognition cocktails don’t work?”
presents Leadership: Disappointed
To The Core
. “If you meet a leader who’s
a loner, who doesn’t communicate, who’s not engaged, who seems removed and not
trusting, it’s probably not because they enjoy solitude or disengagement. It’s
far more likely that they have been disappointed. There will always be people and events that will let us down, and when
that happens it can shake us to the core
from Blog: Leadership
& Learning
presents Leading
in Living Color
. “Too many leaders
think they can leave their real selves at home, leading from a place of policy,
procedure and a pursuit of perceived perfection. If you want to be a more
effective leader, be real and relatable. Lead in living color.”
from The
Engaging Brand
presents What
is the definition of empowerment
. “People
often mistake delegation for empowerment, yet in a networked world empowerment
becomes even more vital.”
from Random Acts of Leadership presents The Key to Being Adaptable. “If you want to be adaptable you must be willing to let go of one
particular need.”
from The Enneagram Source presents I Choose Now.
included in next week’s Leadership Dev’p carnival. It was
originally published on my blog
Jon Mertz from Thin
presents Follow / Unfollow – Making Relationships Work.
business and life, there are people we associate with and build relationships
with. The key questions are: Who do we follow, and who do we unfollow?”

from Let’s Grow Leaders presents Humility
and Leadership: Can We Teach Leaders to Be Humble?
“Is it possible to teach humility?”
from LDRLB presents Do You Have
Executive Presence?
“David Burkus
examines the research on “executive presence” and its role in
developing leaders.”
from The
Thoughtful LeadersÔ Blog
presents Your strengths can hurt you, “where she shares four tips to avoid having your strengths turn into
What does the Millennial generation seek in leadership
development opportunities and do generational stereotypes get in the way? As
part of her article research for the Huffington Post on “filling the leadership
pipeline” Jennifer V. Miller of The People Equation
interviewed what Gen Y professionals had to say in Gen Y and Leadership: Young Professionals Speak Up.
Burgis, Ph.D
. from Practical Solutions Blog
presents Coloring
Outside the Lines of Your Leadership
. “Many
leaders are known as unconventional, non-traditional, and even trailblazers.
These individuals step over the boundary lines to be creative and implement
their creative side in business, and sometimes in everything else they do.
Coloring outside the lines is primarily about stepping outside your comfort
zone & take a risk to be creative with your thinking skills. This is where
you get to be comfortable with being uncomfortable.”
Ila Ward
from The
Point Blog: Sound Advice for Career and Leadership Development
presents Questions
for Striving Servant Leaders
. “This
post examines if you are truly acting like a servant leader by questioning
where is your car parked and where is your nursery located.”
from Anyone Can
presents Why are
you so swamped?
“Most causes of
managers’ work overload aren’t in the nature of the work – they’re from within
the manager. Understanding your own patterns and what you do to keep yourself
swamped is key to getting un-swamped, and key to making the transition from
managing to leading.”
from TalentedApps
presents Getting
it Right: 100KM, Team of 4 and 48 Hours
. “A great story about the four C’s of Shared Goals: Criteria,
Communication, Change and Collaboration.”
from Positive
Organizational Behavior
presents How
we enhance our organizational citizenship.
“The evidence on what makes us more likely to be good citizens at
from Joe
and Wanda on Management
presents Listen Up Managers. Don’t
Forget to Change Your Oil
. “Advice on listening from Greg Blencoe’s book, The
Next month’s edition will be
hosted by Karin Hurt on May 6th at her Let’s Grow Leaders Blog.