Tuesday, March 26, 2013

25 Questions (and answers) From LinkedIn Members About Leadership Development

I belong to a number of Leadership Development LinkedIn groups, and everyone once in a while I’ll take a look at the discussions to see what I can learn. Sure, a lot of the “discussions” are just promotional, but it’s still a good way to stay abreast of hot topics and best practices.
It’s also a good way to find out what people are genuinely asking about. I did a scan of some of the groups and pulled out the questions that I found to be intriguing, along with a few goofy ones. I’ll let you decide which is which. Just for grins, I also included my own brief answer or blog post, and tried to avoid answering every question with "it depends". Feel free to provide your own answers (or questions) in the comments section, or disagree with mine.

1. Do you believe emotional intelligence is a skill you can develop in others?
2. Does anyone have any research on the best leadership development programs and talent development practices across organizations?
CCL has the best research I’ve seen, but the basic principles of effective leadership development are well known and relatively timeless. It’s just that the companies that do it so well and get positive results are truly committed and take no shortcuts.
3. Do you agree that of all the skills of leadership, listening is the most valuable? – and one of the least understood?
Yes, if not the most, at least in the top 3.
4. Should leaders take action to create a "happy" environment for their people?
Hmmm. Not so sure about “happy”, but how about “engaged”?
5. How do you get leaders to realize that they need to develop further? How do you approach small business owners who don't have a boss over them to convince them to develop?
Feedback can help, as can peer networking.
6. Should "high potential" employees know of their status?
7. I'm looking for criteria to identify "business critical roles" to narrow the list of positions for succession planning purposes. Any recommendations?
What roles are critical to the growth of our organization in which you are forecasting high demand and low supply? What positions would your Board of Directors be concerned about if the incumbent were to leave?
8. What are the workplace behaviors you have observed that have the most negative impact on organizational success?
A lack of emotional intelligence. See question #1.
9. What have you found is the biggest hurdle to getting Succession Planning implemented?
A lack of CEO and executive teamcommitment.
10. How often should Talent Review meetings occur?
At least yearly, with quarterly check-ins.
11. I am looking for a good book on succession planning do you have any recommendations?
12. What should happen to an individual's placement in the 9-Box Chart if they take on a new and challenging position?
Create a special category: “Too new to rate”, then place 6-12 months later.
13. Should Talent Profiles (internal resumes) include a photograph of each employee?
14. Can you teach old dogs new tricks?
Grrrrr. Yes.
15. Is relationship building the cornerstone of successful Leadership?
16. Leadership Lessons from the Movies - what's your favorite Movie?
17. Are Leaders Born or Made?
About 70% made, 30% born.
18. How are you using Social Media for your personal leadership development?
I think we're just starting to scratch the surface, lot's of exciting potential here, even minus the hype.
19. Leaders Develop Themselves First! Don't You Agree?
20. Can you train people to be authentic?
21. In designing a Leadership 101 course for new managers, what do you feel should be the main topics to be included (- Presuming a 5 day course)?
22. How important do you think it is to prepare the next generation for leadership before they enter the workplace?
Hmmm, not so sure.
23. Can a manager be a coach?
Yes, at least a manager can coach.
24. How does internal training compare to external training?
25. What have you found to be the most effective methods for maximizing the "stickability" of learnings from leadership workshops and other educational events?

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Unknown said...

The questions are not what a true business leader should follow some are way out there.....happy employees will di any thing for you versus an engaged employee....happy employees would rob a bank for you...engaged ones would turn you in.....70/30 for born and made leaders...who ever answered this is out to lunch...50/50 a leader can always learn how to be a better leader.which in turn means that teaching and educating are cornerstones not leadership...I can teach and educate to alway be better or teach and educate how to be leader....be wary of this as these are not what they truly should be