My 12 Favorite Posts from 2012

Merry Christmas! 

I hope you’re having a safe, relaxing, and joyful holiday. I sure am, and that means taking a little break from blogging. So, here’s a collection of my favorite posts for each month from 2012:

1. January: A Performance Management Model. A picture is sometimes better than a lot of words.

2. February: Top 10 Excuses for Being a Lousy Manager. I have a lot of respect and patience for any manager who is willing to admit their faults and at least try to improve – and zero tolerance for those won’t.

3. March: How to Discuss a Problem with Your Manager. I wrote this for a young lady that wasn’t sure where she stood with her boss and I couldn’t understood why she couldn’t just talk to her boss. I realized this may have been simple from my perspective, but not for a lot of others, especially younger employees.

4. April: The Future of Leadership Development. My highest traffic post from 2012.

5. May: 10 (+1) Dumb Leadership Mistakes from Recent Headlines. I usually don’t write about leadership lessons from current events – but decided to give it a try, with a focus on dumb mistakes. Wow, it was EASY – there were so many of them to choose from!

6. June: Authentic Leadership Development: Your Past, Present, and Future. Another high traffic post, very appropriate for Christmas day.

7. July: 10 Simple “Truths” about Management vs. Leadership. Although one of my shorter posts, it took a long time to write, and represents over 20 years of experience and learning about leadership.

8. August: How to be a Leader in a Crappy Culture. No, no, I was NOT writing about any current of past employers. This one must have hit a nerve, and led to an interview for a story that was published in hundreds of newspapers.

9. September: Leadership Development is not Supposed to be FUN . From the leadership development Grinch.

10. October: October was a big month, as I announced the launch of my first eBook and two new Executive Development programs, and shamelessly promoted them in blog posts. But my favorite post for the month was 25 Tips for New Managers.

11. November: 10 Questions and Answers for Managers about Praise. It’s so easy, so effective, yet so under-used. I sure hope this one helped close the “want-got” gap for a few employees.

12. December: 25 Coaching Questions to Create your 2013 Leadership Development Plan. One of the reasons I blog about leadership development is that it helps me continue to learn about leadership development. This one helped me sharpen my coaching skills.

Thanks for reading, sharing, commenting, your emails, and your support and friendship! I look forward to another 12 months of helping to develop Great Leaders with all of you.

Our back yard in New Hampshire