45 Executive Development Program Tools and Techniques

A great executive development program should be more than lots of lectures and a few case studies. Participants need to be engaged through a variety of creative approaches.

Dr. Elizabeth Weldon, a leading expert in executive development, recently conducted research for UNICON on what it takes to be effective in designing and conducting executive education programs.

In one of the reports, she included the most comprehensive list of tools and techniques that an instructor could use that I’ve ever come across.

The list below is reprinted with permission from Dr. Weldon. See how many of them you are familiar with. For the full report with details, and other free research reports, go to the UNICON website and look under the “research” tab.

1. Analogically situated experience

2. Service learning.

3. Arts-based learning.

4. Case analysis.

5. Learning journals.

6. Reflection papers.

7. Reflection session.

8. Managerial exchange.

9. Organization assessment questionnaires.

10. Individual assessment tools.

11. Personal coaching.

12. Team coaching.

13. Action learning projects.

14. Study trips.

15. Simulations and role plays.

16. Peer consulting on a personal case.

17. Stories.

18. Guided visualization.

19. Imagining the future leadership self.

20. 50-50 rule.

21. Five Tricks card game.

22. SEWA Beats drumming.

23. Round Robin.

24. DeepDive.

25. Participant led sessions.

26. Participant experts.

27. Volunteer intervention.

28. How to be a curious learner.

29. Social networking tools.

30. Program website.

31. Need to know groups.

32. Goal setting.

33.Alumni presentations.

34. Reflection session.

35. Reports to coworkers.

36. Impact diaries.

37. Provocation.

38. Team teaching.

39. Buzz groups.

40. Buzz boards.

41. Breakout/learning groups.

42. Build all possible connections among participants.

43. Move people around.

44. Be animated.

45. Move around the room.

Did you know them all? I sure didn’t.

Can you think of anything that’s missing? If so, please add to the list in the comments section.