The March 2012 Leadership Development Carnival Going Green Edition

Welcome to the March 4th, 2012 Leadership Development Carnival Going Green Edition. Nope, it’s not sustainable, organic, or renewable….. not that green. It’s the wearing of the green to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day this month!

There’s a lot ‘o good reading here, so why not pour a mug of your favorite green beverage and take in a wee bit of leadership development.


Mark Bennett, from TalentedApps, starts us off with Leadership and Thinking – What’s the Catch?
“What kind of thinking is best for leaders to exhibit vs. what kind of thinking do people want to see?”

Jennifer V. Miller, from The People Equation, gives us 7 Things Employees Want to Know In a Department Reshuffle.
As a leader, have you become blasé about seemingly endless company reorganizations? Your employees haven’t. Read Jennifer Miller’s post to get the low-down on how to get your employees on board with the latest reshuffling of the boxes on the org. chart.” Hint: it starts with the radio station WIIFM….

Art Petty serves up some Leadership Caffeine-12 Shots of Leadership Espresso from his Management Excellence blog.

Jane Perdue, from LeadBIG (new name and design) submits this post by Deb Costello: Just Get Up and Lead.
Deb using a moving story to illustrate that good leaders are a combination of three things; ability, integrity and compassion.

Miki Saxon, from MAPping Company Success gives us this 4 part series: Ducks in a Row: A Serious Downside to Always On.
How important is it that your people disconnect instead of being on 24/7? Is it the boss’s responsibility to make sure that happens? If so, what kind of example do you set?

And if you liked that last post, wait until you read Steve Roesler, from All Things Workplace, with  Master the Segue.
Leaders are databases of information. Successful leaders know how to tie that info together and connect the dots for their people. Here’s one really good technique to remember.

Pot ‘O Gold:

Welcome Chery Gegelman, from The Profoundly Simple blog, with her debut Carnival post Diamonds in the rough:  How to recognize your star employees, published in SmartBlog on Leadership.
“When I ask executives and hiring managers what their biggest challenge is, at least 90% of the time I get the same answer:  “People.”  Followed by a quick explanation about how hard it is to find enough qualified and caring people to do the work.  So here’s the challenge, if polished gems don’t grow on trees: How and where do you find them?”

Wally Bock, from Three Star Leadership, gives us So now you’re the boss.
There are some times in life when everything changes. Becoming a boss is one of those times.

Robert Tanner, from Management is a Journey  passes along some wise advice from his Grandmother with In 100 Words: When Being Too Smart is the Problem.
Have you ever heard the expression that some people are too smart for their own good?  It turns out that there is much truth in this saying and leaders are often the biggest culprits.  Sometimes leaders are just “too smart” to effectively lead others.

Rising leadership blogging star Jesse Lyn Stoner, from Jesse Lyn Stoner Blog, gives us Characteristics of an Effective Vision: Create a DRIVING Vision.
What’s the difference between a vague, “pie-in-the-sky” vision and one that steers your team on a daily basis? This post describes the 7 characteristics of a DRIVING vision. It also includes a link to a quick (free) assessment that shows to extent your team is guided by a shared vision and provides advice on how to proceed.

David Burkus, from LeadersLab, gives us How Good Leaders Become Bad Bosses.

Melody Bridgewater, from The Thoughtful Leaders Blog gives us Lisa Kohn’s Leadership lessons from the Oscars…Silence deserves an award.
“I was reminded (and amazed) at how much we reveal with everything other than our actual words.”


A warm welcome to another new blogger Mary Ila Ward, from Horizon Point Consulting, who gives us The Priceless Handwritten Note.
“This blog post discusses importance of leaders writing handwritten notes in order to express to people that they are valued.  It highlights instances of where I’ve seen the handwritten note used and its impact as well as recommendations for getting started on writing handwritten notes regularly.”

Scott Eblin, from Scott Eblin’s Next Level Blog gives us  Does Your Team Really Know What You Want?
Executive coach and author Scott Eblin shares a quick overview and a video coaching session with three tips for leaders who want to get results by leveraging their team.

Eric Pennington from Epic Living Blog presents Does Your Corporate Team Look Like Urban Meyer’s.
In this post, Eric Pennington, explores what is missing from many organizational structures.

Mike Henry Sr., from Lead Change Group presents a post from Chad Balthrop, The Remarkable Power of Lists.
Chad Balthrop makes a compelling argument for the value and importance of lists, not as a substitute for leadership, but as a way to clarify vision, purpose and priorities.  Lists help us think and communicate and, like the monthly carnival, they help us eliminate the noise and focus on the important.

Anna Farmery from The Engaging Brand presents Do you know your augmentation gene?

S. Chris Edmonds from Driving Results Through Culture presents Cultivate Intelligent Disobedience
Blanchard’s culture guru, S. Chris Edmonds, describes  how organization’s can help talented staff do the right thing –    beyond policies & procedures.

Green Beer:

Mary Jo Asmus from Mary Jo AsmusWhat is the Conversation You Need to Have?
Even leaders sometimes have a hard time knowing how to conceptualize and start a tough conversation. Some tips to get started from Mary Jo Asmus are in this post.

Sharlyn Lauby from HR Bartender seves up Leadership Isn’t About Being First.
Leadership is about knowing when to let others go first

Wayne Turmel w/guest Jay Jamrog from The Cranky Middle Manager Show gives us The top human capital needs of 2012.
What do the people who lead companies worry about when they think about their people? Research says leaders of good companies think a little differently than those just hustling to get by…..

Here’s Joel Garfinkle’s guest post on LeaderLab How Fear of Self-Promotion Can Kill Your Career
If you want to keep moving ahead in your career, it is absolutely essential that you overcome your fear of self-promotion.

Benjamin McCall from ReThinkHr presents We were not meant to work…
There is no doubt that more of us are feeling the pressure to work and perform. However, we also need to remember why we are truly here! Our sole purpose was not for us to work… We are meant to do more than just that…

Lynn Dessert from Elephants at Work presents Using Strong Interest Survey for Career Decisions
Whether you are at a career crossroads or are looking to validate your direction, assessments can assist in your decision-making process.

And to close out this Green edition of the Leadership Development Carnival, Dan McCarthy from Great Leadership presents the Muppets, with a tearful rendition of  “Danny Boy”:

That’s it for this  month’s edition!

The next Leadership Development Carnival will be on April 1, hosted by Tanmay Vora at his QAspire blog. If you would like to submit a recent leadership development post, please send it to tnvora at yahoo dot com by 3/31/2012.