The September 2011 Leadership Development Carnival – Back to School Sale

Welcome to the September, 2011 Leadership Development Carnival – Back to School Sale!
Yes, it’s back to school shopping time, and this month’s Carnival gives leaders and aspiring leaders a shopping cart full of leadership development supplies.  All are deeply discounted (free)  and offer incredible value to the discriminating leadership shopper.
So stock up, and enjoy your reading!
BTW, if you’re wondering why your submission was not included – pay attention to the guidelines. They need to be recent (last 2 weeks), relevant, and I need the submitter’s full name. And yes, I do favor the the regular contributors that help promote the Carnival. (-:

Aisle One: Pens and Pencils

Mark Bennett, from the Oracle team, starts us off with Uncertainty, Fear, and Our Response posted at TalentedApps, saying, “How leaders respond to uncertainty shows whether they think they even have a choice and how their choices can seriously affect the future.”

If you have an Ipad or access to one, check out the new Ipad version of this blog. Very cool! But no fair – after are, they’re Oracle. (-:

Anne Perschel presents Leaders Stand When It’s Easier to Sit posted at Germane Insights.
Great post on leaders taking a stand. I had the pleasure of having lunch with Anne this month – she’s as awesome in person as she is with her blog. I’m looking forward to some new research Anne and Jane Perdue are about to publish on woman and power.

Tanveer Naseer presents 4 Lessons On Team-Building I Learned From My Garden |  posted at
Great lessons! I’m actually going to try them on my garden first – it’s looking like it needs a little TLC and inspiration.

Lynn Dessert presents How to handle anger in the workplace  posted at Elephants at Work.
Lynn is another blogger I had the pleasure meeting when I lived in Rochester, NY, and will be hosting her first Leadership Development Carnival next month. Some good tips on how to keep your cool at work.

Mary Jo Asmus presents There is an “I” in Conflict posted at Mary Jo Asmus. While you at at Mary Jo’s blog, check out the results of the August Leadership Development Challange. Not than anyone is keeping score.

Wally Bock presents Theory X in Sheep’s Clothing posted at Three Star Leadership, saying “Artificial fun at work programs are the latest manifestation of DouglasMcGregor’s famous theory. The bad one.” Thanks, Wally, you were right, this one did indeed warm my heart.

Aisle Two: Paper Supplies:

Tanmay Vora presents Change: From Vision to Execution posted at QAspire.
“Leaders establish a lofty vision for a large scale change initiative and then strategize to align the team. Sometimes, the team gets over-excited by this grand vision and get stuck. They cannot define a strategy or a plan of action that takes them closer to that grand vision.” Agree!

Bret L. Simmons presents Five Beliefs Employees Hold About Leaders That Cause Silence  posted at Bret L. Simmons.
Interesting research from Dr. Bret on why employees don’t speak up – required reading assignment for leaders.

Anna Farmery presents The Confused Employee posted at The Engaging Brand.
Are you confusing your team? Find out.

Gwyn Teatro presents Six Ways To Make Collaboration Work posted at You’re Not the Boss of Me. Check out the cute Pixar film at the end.

Kevin Eikenberry presents Five Leadership Milestones to Set and Reach posted at Leadership and Learning with Kevin Eikenberry, saying, “This post outlines five leadership milestones to set, reach, and celebrate. Where are you on your leadership journey? Where would you like to be?”
Good questions, Kevin – Thanks!

Aisle Three: Backpacks:

Guy Harris presents One Way to Head Off a Conflict: Manage Expectations posted at Guy Harris: The Recovering Engineer, saying, “As leaders, we can decrease the emotional reaction people may have in uncomfortable situations by giving them information and clarifying expectations.”
Love the name of this blog.

Jesse Lyn Stoner presents Five Easy Ways To Tell If An Organization Is Really Values-Driven posted at Jesse lyn Stoner Blog, saying, “Lots of organizations claim they are values-driven. Not all use values to guide decisions and behaviors on a daily basis company-wide. Here are 5 easy ways to tell is an organization is really values-driven.”
I like easy ways – thanks, Jesse. Lot’s of good comments on this one too.

Mike Henry Sr. presents 10 Management Lessons from Harry Potter posted at Lead Change Group Blog, saying, “Post by Leigh Steere of Managing People Better about the lessons she learned from the Harry Potter series.”
Mike runs one of the best leadership LinkedIn groups out there and never fails to submit a great post to the Carnival.

Miki Saxon presents Entrepreneur: Solving People Problems posted at MAPping Company Success, saying, “Although this post is focused on entrepreneurs, it applies to anyone who believes that welding a group of individuals into a powerful team requires them to only be leaders and not managers.”
Read all about tool, fools and lost souls.

Guy Farmer presents Leadership Is Not Touchy-Feely posted at Unconventional Training. “What will you do to make your workplace more touchy-feely?”

Aisle Four: Electronics:

Art Petty presents Leadership Caffeine: Fun at the Cousin’s Reunion with Luck, Hope and Hard Work posted at Management Excellence. More great stuff from Art, perhaps inspired by his own recent family reunion?

Eric Pennington presents The Idea and Reality of Self-Employment posted at Epic Living – Leadership Development Career Management Training Executive Life Coaching Author. Eric gives you an intimate look at his own experience with entrepreneurism and its impact.

Jane Perdue presents 10 Rules for Saying ‘I’ posted at Get Your Leadership BIG On!. Great rules to live by – thanks, Jane!

Sharlyn Lauby presents Get Buy-In When Creating Change posted at hr bartender, saying, “It might seem like a big waste of time but getting buy-in is an essential part of the change process.”
Great answer to a reader’s question  – couldn’t agree more!

David Burkus presents Is GSK taking the Sales out of Sales Rep? posted at LeaderLab, saying, “Is GSK taking the sales out of Sales Representative?””

Aisle Five: Snacks:

Michael Cardus presents Evidence; Unicorns; Bullshit: 3 Areas Of Team Building and Leadership Effectiveness posted at Create-Learning Team Building & Leadership Blog, saying, “Within the team building and managerial leadership world there is so much information and Jargon Monoxide that everyone feels overwhelmed. The challenge is determining what works within organizations is complex. Beliefs, false ideas, reinforced negative theories of work, personal fallacies about competence, improper systems in place for promotions, onboarding and hiring.”

Nick McCormick presents Managers, Who Would You Re-hire? posted at Joe and Wanda – on Management, saying, “Kevin Oakes is our guest for this Management Tips podcast. Kevin is CEO of i4cp. He also just published a book called, The Executive Guide to Integrated Talent Management. Kevin advises managers to do an audit of their direct reports to see if they’d be eligible for re-hire. Listen in to find out more.”

Alicia Arnold presents Meetings…How many people does it take to solve a problem? posted at Daily Creativity.

Heather Stagl presents Behind the Mask of Resistance posted at Enclaria LLC.

Jim Taggart presents Are Your Paws Sticky? Leadership Lessons from a Lab posted at ChangingWinds, saying, “Think about work situations where management broke the trust. What took months – years – to build was destroyed in a matter of minutes. It may have been a reorg, downsizing, merger, change of policy. Whatever. It doesn’t matter the reason.

The point is that employees – PEOPLE – were hurt, or there was perceived hurt.”
OK, any posts about labs are automatically included.

Aisle Six: Textbooks:

Linda Fisher Thornton presents Ethical Grey Areas: Our Choices Define Us posted at Leading in Context LLC.

Jonathan Milligan presents 4 Tips on How to Improve Communication Tools posted at Simple Life Habits, saying, “One of the biggest challenges for an influential leader is communication. here are 4 ways to improve your communication skills.”

Robyn McLeod presents Eating peas and other lessons in change posted at The Thoughtful Leaders Blog.

S. Chris Edmonds presents Power, Profit, or Purpose: What Drives Your Company? posted at Driving Results Through Culture, saying, “I pose somewhat provocative questions about whether your company is power driven, profit driven, or purpose driven.”

That’s it for this month’s edition! When you’re done, you can have some playground time and a snack.