Marcus Buckingham’s First Annual Top 10 Management & Leadership Blogs

Is there room for another “Best Leadership Blog” list? Well, there is if it’s from Marcus Buckingham, bestselling author (“First, Break All the Rules,” “Now, Discover Your Strengths“, “The One Thing You Need to Know“, etc..) and sought after speaker.
And if Great Leadership is on the list. (-:
Here’s how Marcus selected his top 10:
“Each of my Top 10 blogs excels in at least one (but usually more than one) of three criteria. You might call them the Three Rs:
1. Research
Opinions can be enlightening, but they’re also cheap. Everyone has one. Solid research and data will always get my attention and help a blog rise above the crowd.

2. Relevance

The bottom line is this: can you use what they give you? In order to be relevant, a blog has to be both practical and frequently updated.
3. Readability
Is the blog a pleasure to read? Is it something you look forward to diving into with each new post because the author has a way with words, images, analogies?”
I’m truly honored and humbled to have been named #4. Go here for the complete Top 10 list, with his ratings, why he likes it, a representative post, along with a list of 14 others that made his top 24.
There’s a few I wasn’t familiar with, so I’ve got some reading to do. Thanks, Marcus,  for taking the time to put this together!