Kicking and Screaming to my First Podcast: Executive Onboarding

Up until recently I’ve turned down all offers to participate in podcasts or internet radio. Why? I’m not really sure. I always said I don’t have the time – which is always a lame excuse not to do something you don’t thing is worth your time.

I guess I’m just not into this kind of social media. I’ve yet to venture into the world of “vlogging”, or Youtube videos as well. A lot of what I’ve seen comes across as kind of cheesy.

There were two things that made me change my mind. First of all, now that my new job involves marketing executive development programs, I’m starting to use my personal brand (Great Leadership) to promote our stuff. So any time I can get “Whittemore School Executive Development” mentioned in the media (wasn’t that sneaky), it’s a good thing.
Unless I get arrested or involved in a scandal – that wouldn’t be so good.

The second reason is that one of my blogging friends, Art Petty, convinced me to give it a try. I admire bloggers like Art that are always trying out new ways to develop leaders, and I realize I need to keep up with the technology. I don’t want all that work I put into my blog to end up like the next Borders or Kodak.

Anyway, I actually did my first podcast with Art a couple weeks ago. He’s going to be starting a new podcast series on is blog, but I don’t want to ruin his announcement. I’ll let you know when it’s live – unless I don’t like it. Thankfully, Art has given me veto rights.

Once Art got me over the hump, I agreed to do another one for Human Resources IQ (HRIQ), a very cool online community for finding human resources information, discussing ideas about human resources, and sharing hr best practices. HRIQ has a wealth of HR articles, HR videos, online HR Seminars, live HR conferences and blogs, including my own.

The podcast is part of an HR Roundable series called “Achieving Sustainable Excellence Through Leadership Onboarding”. I had a blast rapping with bloggers Sylvia Lafair and Erika Lamont about onboarding new executives.

Onboarding new leaders is something I have a lot of passion for. About a year ago, I wrote a post called “How to Onboard a New Manager”. I tried to cram as many of those points into the podcast as I could, but I kept getting distracted by the great advice Sylvia and Erika were giving.

Go here to listen to it – it’s about 20 minutes. You’ll need to register for the site, but it’s free, and I think you’ll find the resources worthwhile.

What’s next for Great Leadership? Leadership “Planking” or”Owling“Stay tuned.