The July 3rd Leadership Development Carnival 2011

Welcome to the July Leadership Development Carnival!

We’ve got a 4th of July fireworks extravaganza lined up for this month’s Carnival. Here in New Hampshire fireworks are legal, so there’s been a lot of them going around our neighborhood and towns. In fact, I’ve seen so many of them, each of this month’s bloggers reminded me of a firework.

Mary Jo “Red White and Blue Salute” Asmus presents 30 Overlooked Acts of Leadership Courage posted at Mary Jo Asmus.

Sharlyn “Shagadellic Mojo” Lauby presents Smart Innovation Takes Competent Leadership posted at hr bartender, saying, “If companies want their innovation efforts to yield results, they must display proper leadership.”

Jennifer “Texas Cyclone” V. Miller presents 5 Ways to Stay Current at Work posted at The People Equation.

Steve “Rain of Fire” Roesler presents New Managers: Delegate posted at All Things Workplace, saying, “New managers are often naturally inclined to get “control” of things. Once they figure out the boundaries and the talent, it’s time to delegate in order to be effective.”

Here’s Wally “Silver Sonic Warhead” Bock from Three Star Leadership, with Simple Leadership Lessons from George Marshall, saying “The anniversary of Allied invasion of Normandy, D-Day, June 6, 1944 is a good time to reflect on the leadership lessons we can learn from George C. Marshall, whom Churchill described as “The Architect of Victory.” We can learn a lot from the way he did his job.”

Laura “Emerald City” Schroeder presents Rock Stars Need Not Apply posted at Working Girl.

Art “Hellfire Barrage” Petty presents Leadership Caffeine: Do You See Beauty or Blemishes? posted at Management Excellence.

Bret “Flying Fish” L. Simmons presents Ten Keys To Real Responsibility | Bret L. Simmons – Positive Organizational Behavior posted at Bret L. Simmons.

Mike “Cosmic Tsunami” Henry Sr. presents Pass It On: The Imperative to Lead – Lead Change Group posted at Lead Change Group Blog, saying, “Becky Robinson gives us a real-life story of how leadership could have made a difference in a customer service opportunity she experienced while traveling.”

Lynn “Black Cat” Dessert presents Messaging that Works Strategies, tips and advice to be successful in your career and personal relationships Elephants at Work posted at Elephants at Work,

Tanmay “Crazy Aces” Vora presents Leading People? A Few Core Lessons posted at QAspire Blog by Tanmay Vora.

Jason “Roman Candle” Seiden presents How to Surround Yourself with People Better than Yourself posted at Seiden Leadership, saying, “13 steps to building an A talent team. (BTW, after 3 years, I’ve retired “Fail Spectacularly!” as the theme of my blog. Like many, my blog integrates my professional observations with personal experiences, and I wanted to capture that in the title. Introducing, “My blog is profersonal.”)”

Mark “Boom Boom” Stelzner presents Orbiting the HR Hairball posted at Inflexion Point.

Miki “Dark Thunder” Saxon presents Playing the Fool posted at MAPping Company Success, saying, “Few are willing to follow Shakespeare’s advice, but doing so can yield great insight for those who lead or just live.”

Michael “Crazy Crown” Lee Stallard presents Rise of Lonely American Employees Undermines Productivity posted at Michael Lee Stallard.

Michael “Triple H Bomb” Cardus presents Effective Leaders are Alike-They Know the Limit posted at Create-Learning Team Building & Leadership Blog, saying, “The main point is the particular traits have little effect upon a person’s in-role leadership work, UNLESS the traits are so far extreme or unacceptable that the person lacks control to keep from disturbing their working relationship with others.”

Kevin “T Rex Terror” Eikenberry presents What are You NOT Doing? posted at Leadership and Learning with Kevin Eikenberry, saying, “Considering what you need to “stop” doing can be a helpful leadership activity.”

Utpal “Ion Storm Barrage” Vaishnav presents Do You Want to Win the Battle or the War? posted at Utpal Vaishnav, saying, “What’s more important? Proving that you’re right or getting the problem resolved?”

Jon “Power Force” Ingham presents Hacking love ~ Management 2.0 developing social capital posted at Management 2.0 developing social capital, saying, “A post on the role of love in leadership and organisations”

Anna “Bermuda Triangle” Farmery presents The Power of Contrast posted at The Engaging Brand.

Eric “Thunder King” Pennington presents How Management Could Improve Organizational Well-Being posted at Epic Living – Leadership Development Career Management Training Executive Life Coaching Author, saying, “This timely post explores how management can impact well-being within the organizational arena.”

Kathy “High Voltage” C presents Generational Differences – 3 Strategies for Managing Generational Differences posted at The Thriving Small Business, saying, “Diversity of age in the workplace can create problems but can be managed effectively.”

Adi “Space Monkey” Gaskell presents Why female teams mean business | Chartered Management Institute posted at Do entrepreneurs think differently?, saying, “New research suggests that the presence of women in teams makes those teams smarter as a result.”

Nick “Screaming Vampires” McCormick presents Managers, Don?t Bow to Should posted at Joe and Wanda – on Management, saying, “Sean O’Neil, author of Bare Knuckle People Management, is our guest for this Management Tips Podcast. Sean cautions us about universally applying the advice of leadership gurus. He advocates obtaining a heightened awareness of our teams and team members and applying a situational leadership approach. Listen in to learn more.”

Sylvia “Mad Moth” Lafair presents Leadership Lessons: The Difference Between Procrastinators and Action Figures – National Workplace Issues | posted at Examiner, saying, “Remember being warned that you better study for final exams BEFORE the last few days? Did you? Were you one of the super achiever students who put time aside and studies just enough every night?”

Guy “Sky Lab” Harris presents The Difference Between Doing and Mastering posted at Guy Harris: The Recovering Engineer, saying, “Becoming a great leader requires focused thinking and practice.”

Michael “Raging Raptors” Donelly presents Life is a constant negotiation ? Do it successfully posted at, saying, “Read this if: You want to assert your interests successfully
Gain: Reconcile differences, manage conflict, resolve disputes and establish or adjust relationships
Cost: Only perseverance”

Malik “Master Blaster” Mirza presents 10 qualities of a great leader; Do we have what it takes to be a leader? | posted at, saying, “What are the ten attributes of a good leader? In this blog post, I have shared 10 qualities of a good leader from Napoleon Hill’s international best selling book: Think & Grow Rich”

Chatsworth Consulting Group presents Want more of it? Measure it posted at The Thoughtful Leaders Blog, saying, “Lisa “Mardi Gras Magic” Kohn of Chatsworth Consulting Group blogs about how we make things important when we measure them, positive or negative. Where are you focusing your energy? Are you measuring positive or negative?”

AJ “Armageddon” Brammer presents “Success is not measured by how much money you make” posted at The LeaderLOOP.

Jon “Ultimate Devastation” Milligan presents Smart Goals posted at Simple Life Habits, saying, “A close look at setting smart goals on how you can better obtain the goals you have set.”

Dana “Thunder Blast” Theus presents 3 Ways Powerful Leaders Can Practice the Art of Saying No posted at Reclaiming Leadership, saying, “I think this article speaks for itself and I hope you’ll consider it for next month. I’m not really sure of your categorization scheme so if you’d like to change my suggested categorization, feel free. Thanks for considering it!”

D.L “Earth Shaker” Drew presents Taking Criticism | What makes a great workday? posted at What makes a great workday?.

Jill “Master of the Universe” Malleck presents Leaders’ Guide to Ethical Employee Engagement « Out of the Bluestocking posted at Out of the Bluestocking.

Sean “Steam Roller” Glaze presents How to Identify and Live Your Passion posted at Lead Your Team.

Chris “Terminator” Edmonds presents Values Clarity from Scratch posted at Driving Results Through Culture, saying, “This post describes how senior leaders can define organizational values in behavioral terms, making them observable, tangible, and measurable.”

Linda “Nightstar Fury” Fisher Thornton presents 100th Blog Post: The Ethical Leadership Training Challenge posted at Leading in Context LLC.

Ben “Atomic Star” Brabyn presents Take risks early – lessons from Commando Training posted at Ben Brabyn, saying, “Hi – this is one of a series of leadership posts I’ll be publishing based on lessons learned from military training.”

John “Rainbow Fountain” R. Turner presents Complexity Leadership Theory posted at JohnRTurner_HPT_resource, saying, “A look at Complexity Leadership Theory.”

Lakshman Sky Python” Rajagopalan presents How can you motivate your manager « Learning Curves posted at Learning Curves.

Lahesha “Triple H Bomb” Williams presents 4 Ways To Resolve Conflict as a Manager posted at Career Help For Christians, saying, “Techniques that are useful in redirecting your staff’s energy away from inter-personal problems and back towards more productive ends.”

Andy “Arial Avalanche” Klein presents Why managers are problem finders… but NOT problem solvers posted at Fortune Group Blog, saying, “Managers who act as a problem solver fail their people, the organization and themselves. However a crucial distinction (one that isn’t always immediate obvious to some) is that managers MUST be problem finders and givers.”

Robert “Dragon Tears” Tanner presents Abandonment for Innovative and Creative Problem Solving posted at Management is a Journey Blog, saying, “Sometimes the best strategy for solving a difficult organizational problem is to leave it alone. Abandonment, as this is called, can be the spark that ignites creative and innovative problem solving.”

Rich “Blooming Flower” Maltzman, PMP presents The Elephant and the Swiss Army Knife posted at Earth PM, saying, “The link from strategy to operations goes right through projects, programs, and portfolios. Right?”

Finally, here’s my own Free Leadership Development Program: Becoming a Great Leader. Use it yourself and/or share it with others.

That’s it for this month’s edition. The next Carnival will be on August 6, with a host to be determined.