The Leadership Development Carnival – May 1, 2011 Edition

Welcome to the May 1, 2011 edition of Leadership Development Carnival!

I thought it might be a good time to provide an overview of what this Carnival is all about and how it works.

What’s a blog Carnival?
A Blog “Carnival” is a kind of blog community. Blog Carnivals typically collect together links pointing to blog articles on a particular topic. A Blog Carnival is like a magazine. It has a title, a topic, editors, contributors, and an audience. Editions of the carnival typically come out on a regular basis (e.g. the first Sunday of the month). Each edition is a special blog article that consists of links to all the contributions that have been submitted, often with the editors or contributors opinions or remarks.
I started this Carnival about 3 years ago, and share the hosting duties with other leadership bloggers every other month.

How do they work?
Every Carnival has submission guidelines, and here are mine:
“The Leadership Development Carnival accepts posts related to leadership, management, and executive development, leadership, management, coaching, human resources, succession planning, and organizational development. Irrelevant posts will be automatically rejected. Please include a post on your own site promoting the Carnival with a link back. Please submit only one recent (last 2 weeks) post along with a brief (1 line) description.”

Blog owners can submit posts using the Carnival Submission Form on the sidebar of my blog, or sending me an email with the name of the blog with URL, name of the post with URL, submitter;s name, and email address.

I maintain a blind copy distribution list for regular contributors and send out a reminder about a month ahead of time.

While I do screen out the spam, irrelevant and poor quality posts, I don’t always take the time to carefully read each post and add my own editorial comments. Even for a basic edition, like this month’s, it usually takes me about 2 hours on a Sunday to organize, publish, and promote it. If the weather’s decent, that’s when I get lazy. My excuse for today is I’m fighting a nasy cold. But – I’ve never missed an edition. (-:

What are the benefits of running a Carnival?
For me, I use them to maintain a network of like-minded leadership bloggers, provide my readers with a a monthly easy-to-read “best of” series of leadership development posts, and it’s a great way for other bloggers to get exposure to new audiences (contributors are expected to pitch in to promote it via their social media channels).

So, all are welcome to contribute and I’m always looking for new hosts.

There were some suggestions after the last Carnival, hosted by Sharlyn Lauby, that perhaps the Carnival is due for a shake-up. That’s fine with me, so if you have any ideas, please leave a comment or email me.

Here’s the May edition – I hope you enjoy it!

We’ll start off with a post from Jennifer Miller, called “8 Ways for CEOs to Tap Thier Insiders“, posted at The People Equation, saying “Management by walking around gets a fresh look with this research that touts productivity gains for CEOs who build relationships with company insiders”.

Next up is Wally Bock, with “You don’t “build” people, dammit!”, hosted at his Three Star Leadership blog, saying “People are living things. You don’t build living things, they grow.”

Steve Roesler presents Real Change: Add Behavior to Your Vision posted at All Things Workplace, saying, “Leading Change means getting beyond the vision and impacting behavior.”

Mary Jo Asmus presents Reflecting On Your 360 Degree Feedback posted at Mary Jo Asmus.

Art Petty presents Trying Not to Fail Is Not the Same As Striving for Success posted at Management Excellence.

Sharlyn Lauby presents If You’re Not With Us posted at hr bartender, saying, “Part of management is being able to help employees manage their workload.”

Mark Stelzner presents Will I Fit In? posted at Inflexion Point.

David Burkus presents The Designful Leader posted at LeaderLab.

Anne Pershel gives us Power: How to Build it over Time & Lose it Overnight, posted at Germane Insights, saying “I learned the hard way to respect the dynamics of power in organizational life. In this post you will read the story and lessons learned.”

Eric Pennington presents The Giving Up Thing posted at Epic Living – Leadership Development , saying, “In this post I address the crossroads of “giving up.” The reasons we’re tempted to give up and the key reasons to keep going are addressed in this timely piece.”

William Matthies presents A Macro Business Plan? posted at Business Wisdom: Words to Manage By, saying, “Life guidance will hopefully be grounded in positive ethics.”

Bret L. Simmons presents Employee Empowerment: Why It Matters And How To Get It posted at Bret L. Simmons.

Mike Henry Sr. presents a post from Deb Costello called “Inspiration vs. Perspiration” posted at Lead Change Group Blog, saying, “You are a leader in your work whether you have that title or not. People see you do your job. Do you do it joyfully or are you working for the weekend?”

Miki Saxon presents Ducks In A Row: Are You Well-Put-Together? posted at MAPping Company Success, saying, “Based on today’s definition, well-put-together is the last thing you want to be.”

Erik Samdahl presents Dance With the One What Brung Ya posted at Productivity Blog, saying, “Howard Schultz’s focus since returning to the helm of Starbucks has been to remind the company of what made it great from its beginnings and, in effect, re-teaching all levels of the company how to execute against its original brand promise.”

Jon Ingham presents John Lewis’ Co-Ownership Model and The Royal Wedding posted at Management 2.0 developing social capital.

Anna Farmery presents Connecting Bill Clinton, music, Elvis and business! posted at The Engaging Brand.

Utpal Vaishnav presents Entrepreneurship 30 posted at Utpal Vaishnav, saying, “30 thoughts to know whether Entrepreneurship is for you or not.”

Adi Gaskell presents Do entrepreneurs think differently? | Chartered Management Institute posted at Do entrepreneurs think differently?, saying, “New research into the type of behaviour differences between entrepreneurs and managers.”

Michael Cardus presents 2 Kinds of Workplaces. 1 of Paranoia 1 of Trust posted at Create-Learning Team Building & Leadership Blog, saying, “The workplace has the capacity to develop paranoia and/or trust. Psychologically when aroused either mechanism in people readily takes over. They magnify and distort the reality that is separate from our perception and experience.”

Meg Bear presents Bring your whole self to work posted at TalentedApps, saying, “Encouraging employees to be full and complete people — with a wealth of experiences, ideas, commitments, values and thoughts to offer your company, is a linchpin for most engagement strategies.”

Laura Schroeder presents Top Ten Tips for Managers posted at Working Girl.

These posts were all submitted by Becky Robinson:
From Kevin Eikenberry, his most read post ever. “Five Reasons Why Leaders Need a Closed Door Policy.” In it, Kevin proposes the idea that leaders can be more productive and more effective if they use boundaries with their teams.

From Guy Harris, “Three Clues You Can Use to Find Out What Motivates Another Person.” The key to motivating others is understanding what they view as rewards.

From Becky’s own blog, “Share What You Know.” Leaders can make a difference by freely sharing their ideas, wisdom, and insights with others.

 Finally, from the Bud to Boss Community blog, this post from featured blogger Phil Gerbyshak: “Communication: Giving Better Directions.” In this post, Phil shares some great tips leaders can use to communicate more effectively.

Debbie Owen presents How to Bring About Sustainable Change posted at Online Doctorate Degree.

Chris Edmonds presents The Leader’s Primary Contribution: Discretionary Energy posted at Driving Results Through Culture.

Jason Price presents The Biggest Lie of Leadership posted at One Money Design, saying, “This post shares an important ingredient of good leadership which is most often not what people see when thinking of leaders.”

Joe Tichio presents Inspirational Leadership Quotes posted at Inspirational Quotes Blog, saying, “A collection of inspiring quotes on leadership and being a leader.”

Robert Tanner presents Leading Change (Step 5): Empower Broad Based Action | Management is a Journey Blog posted at Management is a Journey Blog, saying, “This article provides strategies on implementing Step 5 of John Kotter’s Leading Change Model–empower broad based action.”

Andy Klein presents A leader’s dilemma: What’s the best way to influence action? posted at Fortune Group Blog, saying, “Leaders are confronted with two options when trying to influence people to act. To us, picking between the two is an easy choice.”

Bob Lieberman presents Nobody Wants To Know Me Anymore posted at Cultivating Creativity – Developing Leaders for the Creative Economy.

Alicia Arnold presents 5 Ways to Get Out of a Creative Slump posted at Daily Creativity, saying, “Around the globe, innovation is cited as one of the top three leadership skills for the future. This article provides easy to implement tips for increasing personal creativity as a building block for harnessing creativity and innovation with the workplace.”

That’s it for this month’s edition. Next Month’s edition will be published June 5th, hosted by Jennifer Miller at The People Equation.