Sunday, April 3, 2011

The April Leadership Development Carnival

The April Leadership Development Carnival is out! This month's collection of leadership development posts is hosted by the one and only HR Bartender, Sharlyn Lauby!

The link is right here.

Sharlyn did an awesome job sifting through over 85 submissions and selecting and organizing the best 45 posts. I was going to try to recommend a few favorites to you, but I can't - there's too many!

Happy reading.


Sharlyn Lauby said...

Thanks again for the kind words and allowing me to host the carnival!

Josephson Institute of Ethics - Business and Leadership said...

How do we get involved in this?

Dan McCarthy said...

See the Carnival submission link and form on the sidebar of this blog. The guidelines are:

The Leadership Development Carnival accepts posts related to leadership, management, and executive development, leadership, management, coaching, human resources, succession planning, and organizational development. Irrelevant posts will be automatically rejected. Please include a post on your own site promoting the Carnival with a link back. Please submit only one recent (last 2 weeks) post along with a brief (1 line) description.