The March 2011 Leadership Development Carnival

It’s March Madness, the ides of March, the March of Dimes, the March equinox, the March on Washington, Fredric March, National Frozen Food Day, National Woman’s History month, and Mardi Gras, all rolled into one big fat March Leadership Development Carnival!!

I’m pleased to host this month’s collection of favorite leadership development submissions from a few of my favorite leadership blogging friends.

Happy reading!

First up is Mary Jo Asmus with a recipe for improving relationships: Conversation, Praise, Pizza, Books, and Chocolate, from Aspire-CS.

Jennifer V. Miller was in a generous mood and gives us 25 More Leadership Development Resources posted at The People Equation. Great stuff!

You may not win an Oscar for that last presentation you gave but, don’t worry, neither did any of this year’s Academy Award winners. Scott Eblin mines the Oscar ceremony for public speaking do’s and don’t’s that every leader should keep in mind with Six Leadership Do’s and Don’ts From Oscar Night posted at Next Level Blog.

Here’s a look at why selling out your culture in the name of hiring or keeping a star performer often means turnover—not productivity. Miki Saxon presents Rock Star Regrets posted at MAPping Company Success.

You’ve heard of the “Tiger Mom”? Wally Bock tells us about his “Tiger Teacher”, Mrs. McKinley, at Three Star Leadership. She was really, really tough, but she was really, really good.

Here’s Kevin Eikenberry’s Six Ways to Build on Recent Success, from Leadership Learning. In this post, Kevin encourages leaders to help people move on from success to even greater success.

Becky Robinson gives us Fences, from her blog Weaving Influence, about work/life balance. In order to make a difference in the lives of others, leaders must successfully balance family and work priorities.

Class, pay attention: here’s an important lesson from the Doctor, Bret Simmons: How You Kill Motivation At Work | Bret L. Simmons – Positive Organizational Behavior posted at Bret L. Simmons – Positive Organizational Behavior.

Or, for those of you that have a hard time paying attention in school, maybe you’ll take advice from the bartender: Sharlyn Lauby, next month’s Carnival host, presents HOW TO: Set Relevant Goals — hr bartender posted at HR Bartender.

Art Petty really nails it with this one: 4 Key Skills Leaders Must Develop to Succeed in Today’s Workplace posted at Management Excellence. Well said, Art.

Who knew Rochester, New York, was a such a blogging hot spot? Here’s a couple great posts from two of my old neighbors:

Lynn Dessert presents Do we fear transparency or …. ourselves? posted at Elephants at Work,

and Steve Boese presents Winning Time posted at Steve Boese’s HR Technology.

In a world where change is constant every company needs an anchor. In this short story, Santa, upon returning from his post holiday vacation, illustrates what should not change and what should. From one of my New England neighbors, Anne Perschel: Santa Inc. Announces Social Media, Branding & Diversity Strategies posted at Germane Insights.

From a couple of our past Carnival hosts:

Jane Perdue presents Tap into Your Creativity; Get Your Leadership BIG On! posted at Get Your Leadership BIG On!,

and Mark Stelzner presents JobAngels: The Journey Continues posted at Inflexion Point.

There’s a difference between caring and care-taking. This post focuses on what it really means to lead from a caring perspective. Don’t worry, it’s not as warm and fuzzy as it sounds. Gwyn Teatro presents The Importance of Being Care-full posted at You’re Not the Boss of Me.

Whether leadership or management all of us have a customer. The bigger point is that whatever field or role you are in… you should always know who your customer is! Benjamin McCall presents Customer Focus – Do you know who your customer is? | ReThinkHR – (ReThink Human Resources) posted at ReThinkHR – (ReThink Human Resources).

During this time of growing labor disputes, both in the private and public sectors, time to rethink the relationship between labor and management. Bill Matthies presents A Never Ending Struggle? posted at Business Wisdom: Words to Manage By.

S. Max Brown offers 5 questions about gender and leadership that spawned much thought and an interesting conversation on his site this month. Mike Henry presents Gender, Leadership, and CSV – Lead Change Group posted at Lead Change Group.

We need to learn subtraction at work: David Zinger presents Employee Engagement: Management Moxie Through Subtraction posted at David Zinger Associates – Employee Engagement.

In this post, Eric Pennington, gives reasons for finding the type of work and life that requires “you” to show-up. Sometimes inspiration comes from surprising situations. Eric Pennington presents What A Florist Taught Me About Life and Work posted at Epic Living – Leadership Development Career Management Training Executive Life Coaching Author.

A post on how you can get into the right mindset for success: Adi Gaskell presents Create the Mindset for Business Success! | Chartered Management Institute posted at The Management Blog.

Kevin Eikenberry, co-author of “From Bud to Boss,” makes his second appearance on the Management Tips Podcast Series. With this tip, Kevin focuses on new leaders. He suggests that new managers have five very important conversations as soon as possible. If they do, their jobs will be much more effective and enjoyable. Listen to the podcast to find out more: Nick McCormick presents 5 Must-Have Conversations for New Leaders posted at Joe and Wanda on Management.

Here’s an examination of why companies want to be on the 100 Best Places to Work list: Erik Samdahl presents Why You Want to be on This List posted at Productivity Blog.

An above average post from Anna Farmery: When you just don’t want to be average….. posted at The Engaging Brand.

The always hard working girl Laura Schroeder presents Modern Workforce: Managing Remote Workers posted at Working Girl.

This blog post shares three simple steps to be positively critical: Dominic Rajesh presents Critically yours… posted at Dom’s Blog ….

Observations on leadership from the Egyptian crisis: Robert Tanner presents Egypt – When Trust Fails, Leaders Fail! posted at Management is a Journey Blog.

Linda Fisher Thornton presents The Ethical Leadership Puzzle: A Broader View posted at Leading in Context.

We understand the art of influence. We understand the need to motivate and listen, and develop a working productive relationship with our colleagues. We collaborate with the team and find a way to make progress. Often this activity involves active listening more than active speaking. Elyse Nielsen presents Developing Effective Work Relationships posted at Anticlue. Hmmm, March must be national relationship month. (-:

In businesses every day, managers find ways (often unintentionally) to demotivate their employees. This post shares three common examples of where managers often go wrong:Andy Klein presents Three ways for managers to demotivate employees — guaranteed! posted at Fortune Group Blog.

Mike Cardus gives us some important managerial selection criteria: They Can’t Be Crazy! Plus 4 other necessary qualities of managerial leaders. posted at Team Building & Leadership Blog: Create-Learning.

Being a leader requires a certain level of humility if you even want people to follow you. This post covers how to be more humble: Mike King presents 50 Ways to Be More Humble and to Act Humbly posted at Learn This.

Well, someone always has to go last….. this post discusses key practices for businesses to remain productive during the downturn period: Charlotte Hird presents What if…you strengthened your core business? posted at Business Strategy and Executive Coaching with The What If? Specialist.

That’s it for this month! The next edition will be on April 3rd, hosted by Sharlyn Lauby at HR Bartender. Please use the Carnival submission form on the sidebar of this blog if you would like to submit a recent post.