Sunday, December 19, 2010

Dear Company Leadership, I Have Been A Good Manager...

Here's a sponsored guest post by Anna Smith, from - the informal network for managers.

Dear Company Leadership,

Here is my Christmas Wish List:

• I (junior manager) would love to be challenged (more), trained (more) and mentored (more) by a senior manager.

• Help me become an integral part of the team. Tell me that it's not about me.

• Collaborating with other managers is awesome. Give me a chance to do it more often.

• Organizational values/mission, alignment, emotional competence, networking, team building, all the other stuff I need to know - teach me (again and again).

• Allow me to make mistakes.

• The bottom-line matters most, I understand that. Now help me re-humanize my workplace.

• Don't let me become a bosshole!

(I'm tempted to say that if I don't get what I want, I'll quit and work someplace cooler, but I'm trying to show some integrity here. Plus, the economy sucks and I'm not sure if the 100 Best Companies To Work For are hiring right now...)

Your greatest asset (one of them)


More from Dan:
I love Anna's manager wish list, and I'd like to add a few items, on behalf of the managers I'm responsible for developing:
  • A winning long term strategy
  • Clear direction and consistent priorities
  • The resources I need to execute on our strategy
  • Support and reinforcement from my own manager for the new leadership skills I've learned
  • Empower me to deliver results without micromanagement
  • A competent, supportive HR partner
  • The courage and strength to do the right thing
How about you? Anything you'd like to add to our manager's Christmas wish list? We'll make sure it's emailed to your company's senior leadership with a copy to the North Pole.


michael cardus said...

This is great and the cautious of bosshole-ness.
I would add;
My manager once removed (your boss) takes time to mentor and develop the future leadership.

Dan McCarthy said...

Michael -
Thanks. First time I've heard that phrase. Good wish for succession planning.

michael cardus said...

Dan, which phrase? Manager-once-removed?
It is from Eliot Jaques Requisite Organization.

Dan McCarthy said...


No, the phrase "bosshole-ness". (-:

Michael Edward Kohlman said...

I'd add this one:

"Try to learn to ask and recognize what My Goals are and find ways to integrate them into My, Yours, and the Enterprise's overall development strategy".

For the last two years I've published what my Leadership Resolutions Are (with the last one at ) and as I work on this years, I think that one of the ones I will be adding is taking more time to find out exactly what the real goals of each of my Direct Reports are and do what I can to help them achieve them; as one of the frustrations that I have seen over the years is that all to often these days senior management does not even ask that very fundimental question.

Michael Edward Kohlman

Diahann Boock said...

I like the list. It does seem to be missing "what I've don't to deserve this" part of the traditional Christmas wish list. What about taking responsibility for self development and accountability?

Along the same line, check out the Year in Review, to create your careers top 10 of 2010.

Diahann Boock

Dan McCarthy said...

Michael -
Thanks, and I hope you get your wish!

Right, it does sound a little like that, but I don't think it's anything unreasonable. Thanks.

Anna Smith said...

Hi Diahann,
I like that you bring up accountability. (Ha, if I put that on my list it would be kind of recursive – a fun thought...)
And the "what I've don't to deserve this" part is definitely missing. But since I really haven’t done anything special, a simple promise to be extra, extra good next year will have to do…
(Dan, please add that before sending list to North Pole)

michael cardus said...

Yes boss-holeness...A Bob Sutton term.

AS said...

I dunno. I think this is all really innovative (and growing cliche). But, instead of getting more exposure from my boss and instead of taking more onto my plate, I'd just ask to have a little more backing in 2011. Just once, I'd like for my boss to let us all work under the same values, the same policies. Just for one year, I'd like for us all to understand what it's like to work without walking on eggshells.


Dan McCarthy said...

AS -
Those sound like reasonable wishes too. I hope they come true for you.