31 Days to Become a Better Leader

With the start of a New Year looming, there’s no better time than now to commit to being a better leader in 2011.

Here’s a list of 31 activities that can help you become a better leader. Each one can be done in a day.

Please feel free to leave a comment to add to the list – who knows, maybe we can turn it into one of those desktop calendars.

1. Start a learning journal.

2. Read a leadership book

3. Subscribe to a leadership blog

4. Call a peer and offer to help solve a cross-functional problem

5. Delegate something meaningful to one of your employees

6. Take a leadership assessment

7. Schedule regular one-on-ones with your employees

8. Call a non-profit that’s important to you and volunteer your services

9. Ask for feedback or feedforward from your manager, an employee, or peer

10. Praise someone

11. Volunteer to be the first to try something

12. Find a mentor

13. Have a crucial conversation

14. Make a tough decision you’ve been putting off

15. Create a vision for your team or a project

16. Show some humility

17. Really listen to someone

18. Have a career/development discussion with one of your employees

19. Find a mentee

20. Thank someone

21. Offer to give feedback to an employee, peer, or your boss

22. Start a task force to seize a new opportunity or solve an important problem

23. Do a SWOT analysis for your function

24. Share your vision with someone

25. Teach something or do a presentation

26. Help someone feel more valued

27. Eliminate some low-value work or improve a process

28. Coach someone

29. Ask your boss to delegate one of his/her responsibilities to you

30. Find a peer coach

31. Develop an Individual Development Plan (IDP)

Note: Thanks, Sarah, for the post idea.