Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The 20 "Best" Leadership Blog Posts 2010

There's a list of the 20 best leadership blog posts from 2010!?

Unbelievable. I mean, I really, really like these blog posts.

Check it out: right here.

Thanks to DDI, the talent management experts,  for collaborating with me on this.

Happy reading!


Chuck Hebert said...

Thanks for sharing. This is great stuff. I'm new to reading your blog. Glad to see people out there having the same passion in sharing information to improve the cause of better leadership and managment!

Julie-Ann said...

backbone of most operations.
Thanks for sharing those, Dan! They are great, and we all could benefit from taking their lessons to heart. Here’s one of my favorite articles on the topic of leadership and service -

Eleazar said...

Thanks for sharing these best post on how a great leader works. Being a great leader is not easy way to get and become. It takes good decision, great persuasive approach and great compassion to lead other people.

James R Gibbs said...

Excellent post. Leadership can be a challenge as it requires a rare combination of good temperament and patience to offer a group of people equality and guidance.