The Best of Leadership Blogs 2010 Contest!

Once again, I’m very honored to be nominated for The Kevin Eikenberry Group’s Best of Leadership Blogs 2010. Every year, Kevin and his team, along with reader nominations, select what they feel are the top 10 leadership blogs (see complete list below). This is the 3rd or 4th time I’ve been selected, but I’ve never won. In fact, last year I got crushed. I’m the Susan Lucci, the Chicago Cubs, the Zippy Chippy of leadership blogging.

However, being a lifetime Buffalo Bills fan, I’m used to getting knocked down, getting back up, and saying “wait until next year!” That, and looking forward to a high draft pick.

So how about it, Great Leadership readers? Can I count on your vote for this year? In addition to the opportunity to show your support, which I really appreciate; each voter will receive an invitation into the brand-new, free, online Bud To Boss Community. This is a chance for people to have access to a free resource site with tips and techniques on handling the transition from peer to supervisor and other leadership challenges. There will also be several random drawings each week from those who have voted for various prizes.

Here is where you go to vote:

In addition to casting your vote for Great Leadership, make sure you check out the other nominated blogs as well. They are:

Leading Blog – Building Community Leaders by Michael McKinney

Three Star Leadership Blog by Wally Bock

N2Growth by Mike Myatt

Great Leadership by Dan McCarthy

All Things Workplace – Steve Roesler

Lead by Example by John Baldoni

Leading Questions by Ed Brenegar

– Ramblings From A Glass Half Full by Terry Starbucker

LeaderTalk by Becky Robinson

Extreme Leadership by Steve Farber

Leadership Freak by Dan Rockwell

These really are already some of my favorite leadership blogs, and there are a couple new ones I’m not familiar with and need to check out. All great stuff, so there would be no shame in getting crushed again by any of these.

How about if we just make it a little closer this year? Thanks for your vote and support!