Sunday, September 5, 2010

The September Leadership Development Carnival Back to Football Edition

Welcome to the September 5th, 2010 Leadership Development Carnival Back to Football edition! Yes, Fall is in the air, and the NFL kicks off it's season this Thursday with a rematch of last year's NFC championship game - the Saints and the Vikings.

To get in the spirit of the season, this month's Carnival is set up as if you're watching the big game, from tailgating to post game highlights. So grab your favorite snack and beverage and get ready for some championship caliber leadership development advice and opinions from some of the best bloggers in the league.

BTW, The United Way and the NFL are teaming up for the first Back to Football Friday, a celebration of the start of the NFL season and an effort to promote youth health and wellness on Friday, September 10. They are encouraging fans of all ages to show their NFL team pride at work or with their friends by wearing their favorite team’s gear or colors and planning parties, and to join the United Way and NFL's campaign to end childhood obesity. Anyone who registers is eligible to win a trip for two to Super Bowl XLV. One winning workplace will receive a visit from an NFL player at an NFL-hosted office party. Find out how to get involved here:

The tailgate party:

We'll start this month's edition with a little warm-up in the parking lot.

Erin Schreyer and Mike Henry team up to give us some spicy grub with What Really Makes You a Leader? posted at Lead Change Group. Seems like everyone has an opinion on this one, with over 70 comments.

David Burkus gives us a bucket of my favorite food, with My Buffalo Wild Wings Rant posted at LeaderLab.

Jason Seiden brought the paper plates and napkins, with Life Is Messy posted at Fail Spectacularly!.

Who brought the beer? None other than Sharlyn Lauby, with The Business Case for Managing Ourselves posted at HR Bartender,

and Mark Stelzner, with  Why Morons Win posted at Inflexion Point.


The game starts with a bang with lots of high scoring action! Here's Jane Perdue, our HR Goddess, with Excellence ? 1; Perfectionism ? 0 posted at Get Your Leadership BIG On!.

First to score is Art Petty with Leadership Caffeine-Give Your People Room to Run posted at Management Excellence.

Kevin W. Grossman gets a sack with Influential Leadership Can Trump Gender Bias posted at Leaders. Better. Brighter.™ The Glowan Consulting Group L3 Blog.

Bret Simmons is penalized for unnecessary roughness with Remarkably Unprofessional Behavior | Bret L. Simmons - Positive Organizational Behavior posted at Bret L. Simmons - Positive Organizational Behavior.

Wally Bock gives some veteran advice to the rookies in the huddle, with Simple Leadership Basics posted at Three Star Leadership Blog.

The 2nd quarter:

Jennifer V. Miller starts the 2nd quarter with a trick play -  The Z Factor posted at The People Equation.

Jim Stroup counters with something from his playbook, with his review of "Good Boss, Bad Boss", posted at Managing Leadership.

Mary Jo Asmus has some great coaching advice of her own, with On Being a Coach, posted at Aspire-CS.

Bill Matthies does a little end-zone celebration with Let The Good Times Roll (But Plan For The Bad) posted at Business Wisdom: Words to Manage By.

To close the half, Alice Snell puts it through the uprights for three points with Hardwiring Performance posted at Taleo Blog - Talent Management Solutions.

Halftime entertainment:

We've got a great musical line-up for your halftime entertainment! Miki Saxon starts it off with a couple hits from her latest album, Ducks in a Row, with Triple A Culture is One of the Worst, and Don't be Pizzled, Build a RAT Culture, at MAPping Company Success. What the heck is "pizzled"? You'll have to read the post to find out.

Anne Perschel brings out her amazing leaping leadership frogs, with  Leadership Leap Frog - How to Keep on Learning posted at Germane Insights.

Glain Roberts-McCabe brings back a classic band with Leadership Lessons from Rush: Beyond the Lighted Stage a rockin’ focus on goals | RoundtableTalk posted at RoundtableTalk.

Adi Gaskell gets the crowd fired up with 7 ways to schmooze your way to the top posted at The Management Blog.

David Zinger closes out the entertainment with Employee Engagement, Self-Efficacy and Albert Bandura posted at David Zinger Employee Engagement.

The Third Quarter:

Bengamin McCall starts off the second half with an onside kick, with Your Title is Boss, not Jerk, posted at REThink HR.

Nissim Ziv recovers a fumble with How would you Describe Your Leadership Style? posted at Job Interview & Career Guide.

Kris Routch breaks a long run with Leadership Lessons from a 16-Year-Old, posted at DDI’s Talent Management Intelligence blog.

Nick McCormick is up in the booth looking for answers, with Ask Yourself, "What Can I Do?" posted at Joe and Wanda on Management.

Andy Klein runs a draw play for big yardage with Organisational change needs leadership of employee creativity posted at Fortune Group Blog.

The Fourth Quarter:

This game is a nail-biter, so stay with us.

Michael Lee Stallard returns a punt for a big gain with Burnout Results From Living in Conflict with Values posted at Michael Lee Stallard.

Michael Cardus reminds us that there's no "I" in "teamwork" with Leaders develop structure for teams posted at Create-Learning Team Building & Leadership Blog.

Mike King runs an all out blitz with Examining Your Own Belief Structure posted at Learn This.

Sylvia Lafair runs a creative play with Leadership, Creativity and Getting Unstuck posted at Sylvia Lafair - "Elegant Leadership".

And right at the final gun, Chris Stowell runs it in for a score with Leadership Is Needed Now: Don't Wait To Develop Your People posted at Leadership In Action.

The post game show:

Mike Miranda checks in on the NBA highlights, and gives us Lebron…meh…Gen Y has done Better! posted at Y the World Goes 'Round.

Lois Melbourne reviews the highlights with Be an Accountable Leader and Get to Lunch First!

Kathy C does the locker room interviews with Preparing to Interview a Job Candidate posted at The Thriving Small Business.

Dallas Burrows breaks down the Xs and Os with What Exactly Is Management Theory? posted at Biz-gasm.

Elyse Nielsen presents the game ball with Searching for Healthcare IT Leadership - Uncovering Your IT Practices posted at Anticlue.

Bob Lieberman interviews the coaches and gives us Teaching Leadership Skills posted at Cultivating Creativity – Developing Leaders for the Creative Economy.

That's it for this month's edition! The October 3rd edition will be hosted by Mary Jo Asmus at Aspire-CS.


Mary Jo Asmus said...

Hey Dan, very clever theme and a great lineup of posts! Thanks for getting me ready to kickoff next months carnival.(I hate it when the home team wins, but I'll redouble my team's efforts to beat you at your own game next month).

Thanks for including my own post, too.

Mike Henry Sr. said...

Dan, thanks for the great list again this month. For the record, that post on Lead Change was Erin's. The Lead Change Group blog is where it was published. Thank you for including it. The Lead Change Group blog is now a community blog with posts by contributing members of the community.

Thanks again. Mike...

Jane said...

Dan - I'm mixing sports metaphors here in congratulating you on "hitting for the cycle" for your creative approach to this month's leadership carnival. Thanks much for letting me kick-off! (and if you know of a term for football achievement, please let me know since all I could think of was baseball, basketball and hockey!)

Sylvia Lafair said...

Hi Dan, your site is always creative and this one takes the cake. What fun to see that metaphorically I, along with others can be a football champ!
All the blogs and folks you mentioned are super stars and it's great to see how you wove the story together.
Thanks for including me.
Best, Sylvia Lafair

Dan McCarthy said...

Mary Jo -
Bring it on! (Thanks)

Mike -
The Lead Change Group rocks!

Jane -
A term of football achievement? How about "Nike endorsement"?

Sylvia -
Thanks to you (and others) - who may not share my passion for football - for playing along and being such good sports.

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That’s a great way to frame the issue. “The mess” is change, dynamism, story: fun! It’s like somebody on the radio used to say: “If life doesn’t meet your expectations, please adjust your expectations….”