The May 2010 Leadership Development Carnival

Welcome to the May 2, 2010 edition of leadership development carnival!

This month’s edition reminds me of being in an ice cream shop with 42 flavors to choose from.

Go ahead, indulge yourself – have them all. It’s even good for you.

Chris Young, the host of next month’s Carnival presents Team 360 Performance Feedback posted at Maximize Possibility Blog.

Mary Jo Asmus presents Stuck? Admit It and Ask For Help posted at Mary Jo Asmus.

Nick McCormick presents Thriving in the Midst of Accelerated Change posted at Joe and Wanda – on Management, saying, “In this 10 minute podcast David Utts, CEO of Executive Skillworks, talks about how managers need to get on the developmental journey of leadership in order to thrive in these times of accelerated change.”

Bret L. Simmons presents C.K. Prahalad: The Responsible Manager posted at Bret L. Simmons.

Alice Snell presents Performance and Fair Pay posted at Taleo Blog – Talent Management Solutions.

Becky Robinson presents Early Lessons About Teamwork posted at Mountain State University LeaderTalk.

Miki Saxon presesnts Ducks in a Row: How to Reduce Office Politics posted at Mapping Company Success, saying “Office politics is debilitating; it damages organizations and individuals and can sink the best laid plans. Here is what you can do to reduce and eventually eliminate politics in your organization, whether the whole company or a small team.”

Nagesh Belludi presents Learn from the Top Performers in Every Field [Skills for Success] posted at Right Attitudes » Ideas for Impact, saying, “The best way to educate yourself is by observing the top performers in every field and by identifying and applying their effectiveness techniques to your circumstances.”

Michael D. Haberman, SPHR presents Performance Evaluations: “The GREAT EVIL”? posted at HR Observations.

Rob Tucker presents Getting your team to take Ownership posted at Reading About Leading, saying, “Explores the real substance behind rapid leadership development.”

Janna Rust presents Time Management 101: Start with Reality posted at Purposeful Leadership.

Kathy C presents How Can Leadership Help with Work Life Balance? posted at The Thriving Small Business, saying, “For those of us who are in this for the long haul, understanding our role in setting the example for work life balance is an important aspect of leadership.”

Elyse Nielsen presents Designing The Will and the Skill to Change posted at Anticlue, saying, “As we look to adopt a new way of working we have to get people to commit on an emotional level and on an intellectual level.”

Laura Schroeder presents I’m a Hi-Po, He’s a Hi-Po, She’s a Hi-Po… posted at Compensation Cafe.

Jennifer Miller presents 4ways to Gain Team Input posted at The People Equation, saying ” Don’t let the “crickets” take over at your next team meeting. 4 ways to gain input during team meetings.”

David Burkus presents The Maxwell Fallacy posted at LeaderLab.

Utpal Vaishnav presents A Path-Goal Based Approach That May Take Your Project Leadership Repertoire To The Next Level posted at Utpal Vaishnav.

Anne Perschel presents Harvard Asked Why So Few Women CEOs? – Then published my answer posted at Germane Insights, saying, “Harvard Business published a list of best CEOs. As they wonder why there is only one woman who qualifies perhaps they should examine their criteria.”

Mike Henry Sr. presents Instigating a Leadership Revolution posted at Lead Change Group Blog, saying, “Members of the Lead Change Group published an ebook about the unique value of the group and their first un-conference, LeaderPalooza”

LisaRosendahl presents One Smart Cookie posted at Lisa Rosendahl.

Tanmay Vora presents Nine I’s and Great Leadership posted at QAspire – Quality, Management, Leadership & Life!, saying, “In a discussion with a budding manager, we touched upon some of the most important traits of a leader and amazingly all started with an “I”. This post touches upon nine things leaders do to deliver exceptional business results.”

William Matthies presents Progress: Getting To There posted at Business Wisdom: Words to Manage By, saying, “Leading includes establishing how much risk is expected/will be tolerated by the organization.”

Sharlyn Lauby presents Trust Is Not Blind Faith posted at hr bartender, saying, “Trust is an essential component of working relationships.”

Scott Eblin has been talking with high potential leaders who have spent a day shadowing senior executives. In this post, he recaps what the hi-po’s say are the five traits of their most admired leaders. Scott Eblin presents Five Traits of the Most Admired Leaders posted at Next Level Blog.

Eric Pennington presents Processed Leadership vs. Organic Leadership posted at Epic Living – Leadership Development Career Management Training Executive Life Coaching Author, saying, “The examination of two styles of leadership and how they impact leaders, and their organizations.”

Kevin Eikenberry presents Are Failure and Mistakes the Same Thing? posted at Leadership and Learning with Kevin Eikenberry.

Wally Bock presents The Myth of Perfect Productivity posted at Three Star Leadership Blog, saying, “For more than forty years I’ve read “research” about how much time people waste at work. Surely the researchers would be more productive studying something else.”

Jane Perdue presents Connecting and Caring posted at Life, Love & Leadership.

Art Petty presents Leadership Caffeine: For a Change, Look At What’s Working posted at Management Excellence.

Tom Glover presents Are You Deeply Read or Widely Read? posted at Reflection Leadership.

Meg Bear presents Are you using your org goals to channel innovation? posted at TalentedApps, saying, “Make sure you are providing useful organizational goals to help guide where innovation could be most useful.”

Tom Magness presents A Salute to a Striver posted at Leader Business, saying, “Just when we start feeling sorry for ourselves, when we think the deck is stacked against us, along comes someone like Tyki Nelworth, who inspires us to keep striving for excellence.”

Joshua Noerr presents Management Should Always Play Favorites posted at – Blog, saying, “Why everything you have ever been taught about treating people fairly is wrong.”

Jason Reid presents How to manage people when you are sick posted at Sick With Success .com.

Stephen Warrilow presents How To Manage Change – Putting It All Together posted at Change Management – Practical Strategies For Success.

Aaron Dinsdale presents Steps On How To Welcome Your New Employees posted at Small Business Advice | Small Business Tips and Articles | Small Business Success Stories.

Thomas Lopez presents 50 Best Blogs for HR Wisdom posted at Career Overview.

Working girl presents Managers I Have Known – Part I posted at Working Girl.

David Zinger presents 14 Employee Engagement Lessons From 2 Boys and a Sewer posted at Employee Engagement Zingers, saying, “Lessons can be learned anywhere and at any age for management, leadership, and employee engagement.”

Nissim Ziv presents How to Retain Employees – Ways for Retaining Good Employees posted at Job Interview Guide, saying, “It has become important for companies to think about how to retain employees. Retention of employees is quite important today, because good employees are getting poached almost every day today.”

Jason Seiden presents Compete vs. Support posted at Next Generation Talent Development, saying, “Not all team members are the same. Treat them as if they are and you’re all but guaranteed to mess at least one of them up.”

Erik Samdahl presents The Most Critical Succession Planning Practices posted at Productivity Blog.

That concludes this edition. Next month’s edition will be hosted by Chris Young, at Maximize Possiblity, on June 6.