Top 10 Talent Resolutions for 2010

DDI asked me to contribute to their Top 10 Talent Resolutions for 2010.

They are counting them down on their Talent Management Intelligence blog and will publish all of them in an upcoming client newsletter in January.

Mine was just published today. I’m looking forward to reading the rest!

From Talent Management Intelligence:

Have you made your resolutions yet? To wrap up 2009, DDI asked 10 thought leaders in management, human resources and training and development what talent resolution they think organizations should make.

Throughout the month of December and through January 4, DDI will count down 10 nuggets of wisdom from:

#10 – Barry Stern, Vice President Consulting Services and Delivery at DDI—“Live in the crisis mindset”

#9 – Ellen McGirt, Senior Writer for Fast Company magazine—“Be the love.”

#8 – Dan McCarthy, Blogger and Leadership Development Manager—“Repair the reputation of leadership” :

#7 – Peter Cappelli, George W. Taylor Professor of Management at The Wharton School— “Pull your head out of the sand”

#6 – John Hollon, Editor of Workforce magazine—“Walk the talk “

#5 – Matt Paese, Vice President, Executive Solutions at DDI—“Vaccinate: for growth”

#4 – Alexandra Levit, author and Wall Street Journal columnist—“Manage your millenials”

#3 – Heather Daigle, blogger and human capital specialist—“Ask more, tell less”

#2 – Mike Hoban, Senior Consultant, DDI—“Quit sacrificing talent”

#1 – Josh Bersin, CEO and President, Bersin & Associates—“Expand succession management to talent mobility”