Monday, May 11, 2009

Female Leaders: A Rocky Climb to the Top

The deck is stacked against women from the earliest days of their careers, according to new research from DDI. Gender discrimination still prevails in organizations around the world, but is now behind closed doors and preventing female leaders from reaching their highest point.

The new report, Holding Women Back: Troubling Discoveries and Best Practices for Helping Female Leaders Succeed, was prompted by compelling data uncovered by DDI's Global Leadership Forecast 2008/2009 study, which surveyed more than 12,000 leaders from 76 countries.

In the following article, DDI's Chief Scientist and the report's co-author, Ann Howard, provides an overview of the study's startling findings, and offers advice for bucking this trend.

Read the article and watch a video summary:

So what do you think? When it comes to leadership development, is the deck stacked against female leaders? Cast your vote here:


Anonymous said...

I was really looking forward to reading the entire article and can't seem to make the link work. Is there really more and how do I see it? This is fascinating stuff.
Thanks for posting it. CJ

Dan McCarthy said...

Sorry about the broken link. It should work now.

John said...

Yes, the poll nearly represents the ratio of women/men at the top.

Same in politics, so one wonders who votes for all the men ?

Saw this blog about deceptive appearances -

Dan McCarthy said...

Thanks, John. I'm thinking woman vote for who they think is the best candidate.

sakurababes said...

nice article ^___^