The April Leadership Development Carnival Spring Edition

Welcome to the April Leadership Development Carnival Spring Edition!

There were almost 100 articles submitted to this month’s carnival, and after a rigorous vetting process, I’m pleased to present to you my favorites.

Go ahead and take some time to grow your leadership skills, you deserve it!

Here they are, in no particular order:

Every decision you make in tough times has an emotional impact that lasts far beyond the moment. Every one is a moment of truth. That goes double for the way you treat people. Wally Bock presents Moments of Truth posted at Three Star Leadership Blog.

Mary Jo Asmus presents “I Work For You” posted at Intentional Leadership.

There are 3 questions that just have to be asked during your performance appraisal. If your manager is experienced in conducting reviews, then he or she will ask them for sure. If not, then you must ask them. For the answers are the most important things you will learn during your review. What are they? Simon Stapleton presents Powerful Performance Review Questions posted at ACE Your Performance Review.

Employee engagement can make as much difference in both good times and bad times. Therefore knowing how to do it well is something all managers should have as a priority. This post shows some best practice in action.. Chris Morgan presents Employee Engagement posted at Learn2Develop – Thoughts from the World of Learning and Development.

Jack Welch demonstrates that leadership means knowing when to change your mind: Charles H. Green presents Jack Welch Renounces Increasing Shareholder Value: Pigs Fly > Trust Matters : Trusted Advisor Associates posted at Trust Matters.

An inspiring story of a remarkable woman who overcame many obstacles to eventually lead an important engineering achievement: Vivian Wong presents Ada Lovelace Day – First Female Railway Engineer in NSW (Australia) posted at TalentedApps.

A major error when hiring is to compensate a so-called “star” based on the assumption that top performance is independent of management and environment. Miki Saxon presents Pay For Performance posted at MAPping Company Success.

I believe 99% of Managers know the basics of Management but only a small percentage actually do it. Why is that?Here’s why… GreatManagement presents 99% Of All Managers Know The Basics Of Management But� posted at GreatManagement Blog.

Eric Pennington presents How Leaders Can Overcome Insecurity posted at Epic Living – Leadership Development Career Management Training Executive Life Coaching Author.

This post discusses the difference between a leader who is not afraid to roll up his/her sleeves and go to work; to lead the way for the people vs. a pusher who tries to force people to do things he/she is not willing to do. Michael Ray Hopkin presents Leader or pusher? posted at Lead on Purpose.

Layoffs, downsizing, restructuring, terminations – no matter what it’s called, nobody is happy when people lose their jobs. And few companies have any strategies in place to help survivors. Erik Samdahl presents Keep Layoffs from Killing Performance – i4cp posted at Katherine Fair.

Being organized creates harmony in body/mind and leads to success. Here is a supremely useful time management tool to help you focus & succeed! I’ve used this ever since I learned about it in my MBA ~ Great management consultant tool too! A. Lee presents Time Management: Tools, Tips & Techniques posted at One World Healing.

Mark Stelzner presents What They Didn?t Teach You In Kindergarten posted at Inflexion Point.
This podcast is on how to create trust with virtual teams…very good and timely stuff – Wayne Turmel presents The Cranky Middle Manager Show #185 Building Trust Remotely with John Blackwell posted at TPN :: The Cranky Middle Manager Show.

Over the years, I have discovered success is powered by three things: know-how, reputation and a network of contacts. That’s it. That’s the secret. John Agno presents Who do you trust? posted at Coaching Tip: The Leadership Blog.

Tips on how to spot the future leaders in your midst: Friend presents 12 early signs of leadership potential posted at Literal Thinking.

Be sure to take every opportunity to help others and to ask them to do the same for people within their network. If we can create an atmosphere in which this type of behavior is commonplace, recognized and encouraged, the limits we have are boundless. And in these difficult times, helping others will be appreciated tremendously by all involved. Nina Simosko presents Pay it Forward posted at

Easy to digest information on how using your body can add another dimension to your speaking efforts: Marcus Smith presents Amplify Your Speech With Your Body posted at

How you think about and present your ideas makes your people’s work either easier or more difficult. Miki Saxon presents Ducks In A Row: Are You A Simplifier Or A Complexifier? posted at Leadership Turn.

Chris Young presents Should Companies Retain Skilled Employees and Managers? posted at Maximize Possibility Blog.

William Matthies presents Business Wisdom: Words to Manage By: Resource Allocation: What Will And Will Not Be Done? posted at Business Wisdom: Words to Manage By.

Amit presents How to Pick the Right Team posted at Mystic Madness.

Development starts before day one with onboarding. Alice Snell presents Onboarding Delivers More Productivity/Lowers Costs posted at Taleo Blog – Talent Management Solutions.

We all need the improvement that comes from stretching — personally, professionally, spiritually, physically, and mentally. Tom Magness presents Still Stretching posted at Leader Business.

Shawn M. Driscoll presents Making Peace With Time posted at Shawn Driscoll.

This is a post on how personal leadership shines in difficult times – Tanmay Vora presents Personal Leadership – It shines in difficult times posted at QAspire.

Mike King presents 8 Steps for Acting on Inspiration posted at Learn This.

If you master the power of your presence, the rest comes sooooooo much easier. When you master the art of presence, you can walk into a stall and the horse will respect you. You can stand in front of a group of mildly interested peers and instantly grab their attention, because they respect you. Pamela explains how. Pamela Cournoyer presents Presence in the Presence-tation posted at Online Wellness: A Safe Haven.

This article was created to assist someone and give them pointers in looking for a mentor for themselves. Tracy Repchuk presents How to Select a Mentor by Tracy Repchuk posted at Internet Marketing with Tracy Repchuk the Marketing Makeover Maestro.

Are you managing remote team members? Listen in to this nine minute podcast as Wayne Turmel offers tips and tools to help. Nick McCormick presents Tips for Managing Remote Teams posted at Joe and Wanda on Management.

Learning from bee and birds on collective leadership in this new collaborative world: Raj Sheelvant presents New Kind of Leadership in Collaborative World posted at IT Strategy.

Steve Goodwill presents Life Lessons from Gandhi and Clint Eastwood posted at Learning Through Experience.

That’s it for this month’s edition! I’m going to be shifting to a bi-monthly format, so the next Leadership Development Carnival will be hosted right here on June 7th. Use the carnival submission form on the sidebar if you’d like to submit a post.

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