The March Leadership Development Carnival

Welcome to the March 2009 Leadership Development Carnival, St. Patrick’s Day edition!
This month’s carnival is an Irish feast of leadership and management advice, brought to you by some of the best leadership and HR bloggers around.
Enjoy the festivities!

Four Leaf Clovers:
Wally Bock says that Erin White interviewed Dartmouth professor Sydney Finkelstein in the Wall Street Journal about his research on decision making. He thought the questions were good and the answers lacked depth. He points you to resources on better decision making. Why good managers make bad decisions posted at Three Star Leadership Blog.

How to design high quality learning – put yourself in the shoes of your audience…… Morgs presents Put yourself in their shoes posted at Learn2Develop – Thoughts from the World of Learning and Development.

Chris Young presents Should Companies Retain Skilled Employees and Managers? posted at Maximize Possibility Blog.

Sean Conrad presents Why Automate Succession Planning When You Do it Like the Mob? posted at Fistful of Talent.

Whether you’re studying an instrument, exercising or tackling a business issue head-on, be sure to understand that there are real choices in how we go about accomplishing whatever it is we are doing. Leaders must make these choices each and every day. Nina Simosko presents Pick Your Preferences posted at
The way managers communicate is changing. It’s time to take the concept of transparency seriously. Sharlyn Lauby presents Truth and Transparency posted at hr bartender.
The depiction of people as either foxes or hedgehogs was originally intended to describe their distinct methods for interpreting the meaning and direction of events in the world. The terms have become common in the business world, recently; but here they have taken on different meanings. . . Jim Stroup presents Tunnel visionary posted at Managing Leadership.

A Pot ‘o Gold:

Mark Stelzner presents Octomom’s Got Nothing On HR posted at Inflexion Point.
In times of recession, companies must do more with less. Providing executive coaches to high-potential performers is one way to get the most from untapped talent. John Agno presents Tips for Picking the Right Coach posted at Coaching Tip: The Leadership Blog.
Mike King presents Leadership: Accepting Mistakes posted at Learn This.
The culture isn’t “out there” – it’s in you. Eric Klein presents How to End Organizational Chicken Games Dharma Consulting posted at Dharma Consulting.
Former talent heads from Lehman Brothers discuss interconnectivity and the unseen networks within organizations. Erik Samdahl presents Building a Solid Foundation from the Intangible – i4cp posted at Productivity Blog.

Lucky Leprechauns:
Does a person’s career potential vary depending on circumstances or rather is it the perception of potential that varies? If it is the circumstances, what can we do about it? Marcie Van Houten presents Circumstantial Potential posted at TalentedApps.
Diversity in the workplace has been a big topic of conversation ever since the early 1990s when research supported the demographics that, by the year 2000, 85% of the entering workforce would be female, African-American, Asian-American, Latino, or new immigrants. The fact that white males would be a minority entering the workplace was a wake up call for corporate America. How have we done since then? Jim DeSantis presents Is Diversity In The Workplace Really Working? posted at On Line Tribune Workplace.
Wally Bock presents The Boss Trap posted at Momentor.
There are several elements or virtues required of good leaders. The one I shall address now is one seemingly in very short supply these days. It’s called integrity… Ty Skinner presents The Integrity of Leadership posted at Blog on Leadership.
Setting and achieving goals is a function of focus. You see, even the personal development guru’s are saying you should have goals in every area of your life: financial, spiritual, mental, emotional, relational and physical and I think they’re wrong. I think it’s a crock. Why? Listen to my 9 minute and 21 second audio to find out. Stephen Martile presents How to Stay Focused When Setting and Achieving Goals posted at by Stephen Martile.

A Mug of Green Beer:
Who are considered the best and worst Presidents of all time? Some of the results might be a surprise, and some no surprise. The Times Online asked 8 of its international and political commentators to take on this task. Michael Haltman presents Who Are The Best and Worst Presidents Of All Time? posted at The Political and Financial Markets Commentator.
Cam Carter presents 2 Methods That Help Procrastinators Succeed posted at SuperSonicSuccess.
In these uncertain times it’s essential to have a systematic approach to how you run your business. This includes how you market your business. Those who have systems in place are likely to stay ahead of the curve. Additionally, they are positioning themselves for the upturn of the economy. Rather than sitting around talking about how bad things are, why not use the time to research, develop, plan and market. Kathleen Gage presents Are you immobilized or energized during these uncertain times? posted at Street Smarts Marketing & Promotions.
For those employees that are making the attempt to improve the organization go beyond saying thanks: actually demonstrate your appreciation. Do what you can to help them achieve. John Hunter presents Helping Employees Improve posted at Curious Cat Management Improvement Blog.
Read essays, articles, or books on creativity and you will more than once you will read that you can heighten your creativity and create new ideas by reading magazines that you wouldn’t typically read. The suggestion is to go to your local newsstand and pick up magazines you wouldn’t ever read and read them for ideas, connections and trends. Will Edwards presents How to Heighten Your Creativity posted at Making a Difference.
John Phillips presents The Best: Don Meyer or Jim Calhoun? posted at The Word.
This blog is the pursuit of people focussed management philosophy, and the latest post discusses why process is still essential.
That’s it for this month’s edition. The next edition of the Leadership Development Carnival will be hosted right here on April 5th. Please use the Carnival submission form on the sidebar if you’d like to submit a post.