Saturday, March 21, 2009

How to Succeed in 8 Words and 3 Minutes

I found this on Chris Morgan's blog, Learn2Develop, one of the best blogs out there for learning and development professionals. It's an awesome video by marketer and success analyst Richard St. John. He spent more than a decade interviewing 500 people he defines as successful -- from architect Frank Gehry to non-celebrities successful in their own lives.

He sums it all up with 8 words in 3 minutes:

I think I'll send it to my kids.


Anonymous said...

Terrific video. I shared it with all my kids, too.

BomiM said...

Hey Dan,

This was just wounderful to share on a Sunday morning, with my two school going kids and their "MOM". In fact I think it made the day for my wife who sure is ... oh so persitent withour kids.

Thank you so much for sharing it.


Dan McCarthy said...

Jo Ellen, Bomi,
Glad you enjoyed it and could share it with your kids.

Michael D. Haberman, SPHR said...

That is worth sharing with everyone, especially your friends out of work.