Thursday, March 5, 2009

Fortune's 2009 World's Most Admired Companies: Best and Worst for People Management

Fortune Magazine recently released it's annual World's Most Admired Companies list.

Subcategories include innovation, people management, innovation, use of assets, social responsibility, management quality, financial soundness, long-term investment, product quality, and global competitiveness.

Apple is number one overall. They are also number one in their industry for people management. Hmm..., could there be a connection?

how they made their selections.

Here's the most and least admired for People Management:

10 Most admired:

1 Goldman Sachs Group

2 Marriott International

3 Walt Disney

4 Altria Group

5 Google

6 Graybar Electric

7 Union Pacific

8 Nestlé

9 General Electric

10 Medco Health Solutions

and The 10 Least admired:

1 Circuit City Stores

2 National City

3 Sears Holdings

4 Delphi

5 McClatchy

6 US Airways Group

7 Nortel Networks

8 Tribune

9 Dillard's

10 BearingPoint

Comments? Surprises? Does anyone work for any of these companies, and do you agree or disagree with the rankings? And should HR be held accountable for the rankings?


Anonymous said...

Hi Dan - What would be interesting is for you to correlate the best/worst against their current financial state (obviously achieved post-Fortune analysis). For example, Nortel, BearingPoint, Delphi and Circuit City are all either near or in bankruptcy. Surprising? I don't think so.

BomiM said...

The number one overall are also number one in their industry for people management is a no brainer. For years most of the best have known that investing in the improvement of employees' engagement leads to improved results and it's there for one and all to see in the overall productivity improvement.

As in every other context an over focus on any one aspect, in this case "employee engagement", brings defocus on some other such as the strategic agility of the leadership to foresee the global financial meltdown and it's specific impact on not just their industry but their own company leaves them out in the cold as Mark's comment points toward.

In summary, it's one of the key connects but certainly not the only guarantor of success.


Anonymous said...

Here I come riding my hobby horse again. My problem with these surveys is that the results change so much from year to year.

Below is the list of the top ten in people management from 2008. Here's the link.

1 Medco Health Solutions
3 Walt Disney
4* Fortune Brands
4* Starbucks
6 General Electric
7 Accenture
8 International Paper
9 Herman Miller
10 Procter & Gamble

I see Medco, GE, and Disney on this list. The other seven have turned over.

Anonymous said...

Shares prices are collapsing at a rate of knots, some are going into freefall. I wonder how the list will look in three months time.