The February Leadership Development Carnival

Welcome the the February edition of the Leadership Development Carnival!

Each month bloggers from around the blogosphere are invited to submit their best posts about leadership and leadership development. Once again, I’ve received over 100 submissions. After “vetting” out the irrelevant posts (i.e., “How to make money on-line in 10 easy steps”), anything with an annoying pop-up (sorry, automatic delete), and multiple posts by the same author, I’ve culled the herd to the following 32 posts.

If you can’t read them all, then start with the “Featured posts”. Most of these are “FOGLs” (friends of Great Leadership); they are all good, and tend to stick with the leadership development theme of the carnival. However, the rest are worth taking a look at too. Many of these are more personal development and self-help – but hey, we can all use a little self-help, even if it’s not leadership development.

Featured Posts:

We’ll lead off with Nina Simosko and What Leaders Can Learn from Chesley Sullenberger posted at “Captain Sullenberger demonstrated astounding leadership qualities during this mid-air crisis. He showed how a leader can keep an otherwise turbulent [no pun intended] situation where chaos might be expected, calm and orderly.”

Next up is Mike King presenting Leadership: Know Yourself and Your Capabilities posted at Learn This.

Here’s a new blogger, former Royal Marine Steve Goodwill presenting Good Advice from High Flying Leaders posted at Learning Through Experience.

Shawn M. Driscoll presents What’s Your Compelling Vision? posted at Shawn Driscoll.

Wally Bock presents Getting Real about Deliberate Practice and Leadership Development posted at Three Star Leadership Blog. Because Wally has a second blog…. and he’s a charter FOGL, he gets a second post, Preparation of a Hero posted at his career advice blog, Momentor.

Simon Stapleton presents How To Stimulate a Constructive Performance Appraisal/Review posted at “Ah.. Your Performance Appraisal (or Review). A time for reflection on past performance and discussion about how to do better, with less. A time for exploring new avenues and ideas. It’s a time for creativity and construction the future with the art of the possible. Yes? No? Or is it a humdrum activity ‘done’ to you twice a year where you receive arbitrary scores for doing stuff?”

Coaching guru Mary Jo Asmus presents Leading with Purpose posted at Intentional Leadership.

Pawel Brodzinski, and frequent GL commenter, presents Evolving From Manager to Leader posted at Software Project Management.

Prem Rao presents A leader can’t please everybody posted at People at Work & Play.

“Peter Drucker is the father of modern management and leadership thinking. Jeffrey Krames’ book, Inside Drucker’s Brain is a terrific introduction to this giant. He talks to Cranky Middle Manager, Wayne Turmel.” The Cranky Middle Manager Show #178 Inside Drucker?s Brain- Jeffrey Krames posted at TPN :: The Cranky Middle Manager Show.

Anna Farmery presents If you could live your life over….? posted at The Engaging Brand.

Sarah Scrafford presents Top 100 Leadership Blogs posted at Best Universities.

“Does President Obama’s charisma undermine his ability to be a Level 5 Leader (a la “Good to Great”)? Can having a “Team of Rivals” counteract the tendency for underlings to resist telling bad news to a charismatic leader?” Amy Wilson presents Obama: a Level 5 Leader? posted at TalentedApps.

GeekMBA360 presents What if you have five 17-year old Kobe Bryants on your team? (And why you should never hire someone directly from McKinsey to run your business.) posted at GeekMBA360.

A Friend presents Personal responsibility posted at Literal Thinking. “This article presents a case about taking personal responsibility. True leaders first ensure that they do the best they can to work within the parameters of a challenging situation before even contemplating shifting the blame or responsibility to others.”

Erik Samdahl presents Intimations of Mortality: What Happens When the CEO Falls Ill? – i4cp posted at Katherine Fair. “Katherine Fair, an analyst at i4cp, talks about Steve Jobs, succession planning and how to plan for CEOs who are suffering from an illness.”

Alice Snell presents Repurpose Recruiting posted at Taleo Blog – Talent Management Solutions. “In a down economy, repurpose recruiters to other talent functions such as succession planning.”

Jim Stroup presents Absentee owners and stakeholders posted at Managing Leadership. ”
Why do you suppose it is that most of the controversy over how businesses interact with a wide range of “stakeholders” is about large publicly held corporations owned by anonymous shareholders?”

The Best of the Rest:

Susan Heathfield presents Network Your Way to Professional Success posted at Human Resources. “Harvey Mackay, well-known, irreverent speaker and author of Dig Your Well Before You’re Thirsty, tells you that networking is a full time job no matter your career or business. And, you want to have a professional network established long before you need a network.”

Phil for Humanity presents Overcoming Fear « Phil for Humanity posted at Phil for Humanity.

Heather Jumah presents 5 Reasons to Make Marketing a Priority for Your Business posted at Wealth Success and Women. “Part of being a good leader is knowing when it’s time to pay attention to marketing.”

Woman Tribune presents A Success Guide for Women Entrepreneurs posted at Woman Tribune.

Broderick Allen presents Suspend Disbelief posted at Broderick Allen – Personal Growth and Enjoying Life’s Journey.

Joshua Seth presents The Process of Persuasion posted at Joshua Seth Blog. “The first philosopher of note to break down the process of persuasion was Aristotle. He determined that there are three components necessary to effective persuasion: • Logos – which is the application of a logical argument • Ethos – which is basically the integrity of the messenger • Pathos – which is the emotional connection that that drives the action.”

Tushar Mathur presents Exiting Your Business, What You Need to Know posted at Everything Finance. “A business exit is a vital part of your overall business planning. Properly done, an exit plan will provide a roadmap to your personal freedom – a disengagement from the business – as well as assure that your hard-earned illiquid business wealth is protected. Executing a plan that provides freedom and wealth protection can require as much thought as the building of a business, sometimes more.”

Ralph Jean-Paul presents How To Make Important Decisions Quickly posted at Potential 2 Success. “Quick decision making is critical in just about every aspect of life. Every decision you make produces a result. In every line of business, quick decision making is crucial for success.”

Raily Arena presents Understanding ISO Standards posted at Iso9001compliance’s Blog.

Patricia Turner presents What’s the Mark of a True Leader? posted at Top Online Engineering Degree.

Stephen Pierce presents Want To Know How To Play To Win? posted at DTAlpha TalkBack. “Some choose to not play at all… they sit on the sidelines of life and just watch it go by. Some choose to play to not lose… always playing defense, protecting what is instead of creating what could be. And then there are those who choose to PLAY TO WIN… the unreasonable person who doesn’t go after what they think they can get, but goes after exactly what they want.”

myln presents 13 time management hacks that can change your life posted at Change Your Life Hacks. “If you want to make a real change in your life you should first start by learning how to efficiently manage your time. Anyone who knows how to manage time also knows how to manage life. Good time management means proper prioritization, and therefore proper management of your live. The quality of your life depends on the intelligent management of your time and not by the amount of energy you consume on what you do.”

Alvaro Fernandez presents Learning about Learning: an Interview with Joshua Waitzkin posted at SharpBrains.

JobandCareer Advice presents Understanding Resume Styles posted at Job and Career Advice.

That’s it for this month! The next Leadership Development Carnival will be hosted right here on March 8th. If you would like to submit a post, please use the Carnival Submission Form on the sidebar.