The Leadership Development Carnival #4: National Bosses Day Edition

October 16 is National Bosses day, a kind of “Hallmark Holiday”, that’s celebrated in The U.S., as well as England, Australia, and South Africa. I have mixed feeling about bosses day. On one hand, it’s a nice opportunity to recognize that great boss who treats you with respect, trusts you, puts you in a position to succeed, and cuts you a break now and then. In other words, a leader.

The problem is, if you buy a gift, you could be seen as sucking up. But if you don’t, and everyone else does, your might get stuck with being the safety coordinator for the next two years.
And what if you have a lousy boss? Then what do you do? Take the day off? Fake a seizure?

Well, how about giving the gift of leadership development? The best leaders I’ve known are always looking for new ideas and advice on how to improve their leadership skills. And if you’re stuck with an average or lousy boss, who knows, maybe they’ll accidentally pick up a few good ideas and surprise you.

So, in honor of Bosses Day, here’s the 4th edition of the Leadership Development Carnival! Go ahead and forward it to your boss with a nice note.

Featured Posts: Here’s the best of the best, in my completely subjective and biased opinion:

We’ll start off with Amazing Things Are Happening Here! posted at Michael Lee Stallard. I’ve just exchanged blogroll links with Michael and really like what he has to say.

Next up is Steve Roesler, award winning leadership and talent management blogger, presenting How To Reduce Your Influence In A Few Easy Words posted at All Things Workplace.

Mary Jo Asmus makes it to the featured post list this month with Hit the Pause Button posted at Intentional Leadership.

Another newcomer, who I just started reading, is Prem Rao, with 7 Things Leadership Isn’t About posted at People at Work & Play.

Art Petty writes a nice piece on the fine line between leadership arrogance and confidence, with The Hubris of Leaders posted at Art Petty on Management.

I always enjoy reading what Nina Simosko has to say on the topic of leadership. Here she gives us Leadership Is About Skills Not Gender posted at

Another newcomer to the Carnival is Gautam Ghosh. This was one of the first blogs I starting following, lost sight of for a while, and have just starting following it again. Welcome Gautam, with On Learning to Learn posted at Gautam Ghosh – Management Consultant.

I’m pleased to welcome Anna Farmery, from The Engaging Brand. Anna used to run her own leadership development carnival, and I’m honored she’s given us Wind – Bad Condition for Leaders to Have!

It wouldn’t be a leadership development carnival if Wally Bock didn’t show up. Wally’s submitted posts from both of his blogs, Birdshot for the first round posted at Three Star Leadership Blog, and Help! I’ve been merged! posted at Momentor.

Another blog on my regular “to read” list is Mark Stelzner, presenting Resurrecting the Golden Rule posted at Inflexion Point.

Welcome Miki Saxon to the festivities! Miki’s also got a couple of nice blogs. Here’s Leadership falls on its ass posted at Leadership Turn (couldn’t resist the title), and A corporate culture for all seasons. posted at MAPping Company Success.

One of my favorite legal bloggers, Michael Moore, serves up Paul Newman: A Lesson in Leadership from Butch Cassidy posted at Pennsylvania Labor and Employment Blog.

And finally, the man who brings you the “Fab Five”, Chris Young, presenting Employee Productivity Coaching Tip – Effective Time Management posted at Maximize Possibility Blog.

But wait, there’s more!

Here’s even more great leadership development posts, in chronological order, first submitted to last (yeah, I’m bending the “must be less than two weeks old” guideline – that’s why they call it a guideline). I really tried to cut down on a lot of the personal development posts, only including those that I thought were relevant to leadership development.

Britannica Blog presents 6 Unwritten Rules to Advancement in the Workplace (Professional Networking 2.0) posted at Britannica Blog.

Ralph Jean-Paul presents Napoleon Bonaparte’s Guide to Leadership posted at Potential 2 Success.

John Phillips presents Boeing Workers Strike Back posted at The Word On Employment Law.

Great Management presents How To Deal With Difficult Customers posted at Great Management Articles.

Simon Stapleton presents The Most Inspiring Book I Have Ever Read! Peter Drucker’s ‘The Effective Executive’ posted at

Tim Abbott presents Balancing at Scale in a Sea of Trouble posted at Walking the Berkshires.

George L Smyth presents One Minute How-To – How To Tune In To Be A Successful Business Leader posted at George L Smyth.

Mitesh Solanki presents The Real Challenge of Creativity posted at Invent Creativity.

Psypo presents The Most Powerful Leadership Technique That Will Make Everyone Accept Your Opinion posted at [ Psypo – The Human Mind – Version 2 ].

Stan Ward presents Know your point – make your point. posted at Idea Leaders.

Mike King presents How to Empower Someone to Become a Learner posted at Learn This.

Erik Samdahl presents How to deal with managerial resistance to employee coaching posted at Productivity Blog.

Marcus A Smith presents Public Speaking Quick Tip: Find Positive Energy Sources in the Audience posted at

Kacper Wrzesniewski presents 15 Advices For Creative And Productive Brainstorming posted at

Mark McClure presents The Best Business Book I Have Ever Read posted at Mark McClure Today.

Michael Miles presents Effortless Abundance » The wisdom of Elizabeth Kubler-Ross posted at Effortless Abundance.

Alice Snell presents Taleo Blog – Talent Management Solutions – Succession Planning Strategies posted at Taleo Blog – Talent Management Solutions.

The Five Minute Mentor presents Managing employees layoff fears posted at The Five Minute Mentor.

Greg Shuey presents Which Comes First, Coaching or the Need for Coaching? Part 2 posted at CMOE- Coaching.

Shawn Driscoll presents What Should I Do For The Rest Of My Life? posted at Shawn Driscoll.

That’s it!
The next edition of the Leadership Development Carnival won’t be until December 6th. I’ll be hosing the Carnival of HR on October 29th.