The Leadership Development Carnival #3: Special Sarah Palin Edition

Welcome to the 3rd edition of The Leadership Development Carnival!

This month’s edition takes a political flavor. Recently, a new vice-president candidate has emerged out of nowhere, Sarah Palin, from “the great state of Alaska”. She’s taken a lot of media criticism for her lack of leadership experience, so I thought I’d dedicate this carnival to her, as a way to help get her ramped up for her new potential leadership role.

I received over 60 submissions, and after sifting through the duplicates and irrelevant ones, settled on the following 42. Like last month, I’ve put a few selected posts into a very biased and partisan “featured attractions” category. While these are the ones I thought were the best of the best, the rest are pretty darn good too.

So Sarah, here’s a slate of leadership development advice from bloggers all around the world:

Featured Attractions:

I’ll start with advice on the importance of listening, from Nina Simosko, a strong proponent of woman leaders, with I’m Sorry, Did You Say Something? posted at

Next up Art Petty, with some advice on how to engage your staff, with Do Your Employees Truly Believe That They Can Make A Difference? posted at Art Petty on Management.

You should always pay attention to whatever Wally Bock says. Here’s Interpersonal skills and leadership development posted at Three Star Leadership Blog.

Make sure your staff knows exactly what’s expected of them with Chris Young’s Improving Employee Performance Through Coaching Score Cards posted at Maximize Possibility Blog.

Sarah, you’ll be needing to “gut it out” in the upcoming months, so here’s Jim Stroup on Staying the course when the work is tough Managing Leadership posted at Managing Leadership.

Perhaps a little “Zen” might help, so here’s Mark Stelzner on Zen and the Art of HR Industry Survival posted at Inflexion Point.

You’ll need to pay attention to the importance of culture, so here’s Natalie Cooper with Does a business need a soul? The key for competitiveness and growth posted at Changeboard.

OK, this next one’s not has nothing to do about leadership development, it’s about that hair. I’m just a big fan of Laurie Ruettimann’s Punk Rock HR and her newly branded HRM Today.

How can those who want to change their environment do it? Wayne Turmel, the Cranky Middle Manager, talks to Art Kleiner about his book “The Age of Heretics”…check it out.

You’ll need a leadership philosophy, so take a look at Phil’s Leadership Philosophy: it’s the little things that count! posted at What’s New On The Happy Manager.

And, as you are selecting your new staff, remember, talent is everything. Bruce Lewin presents The war for talent is over and we’ve won! posted at Four Groups’ Blog.

Sarah, please don’t stop reading now! You’ve still got a lot to learn (hey, don’t we all) as a leader, so here’s some more great leadership development advice:

Mary Jo Asmus presents Increasing Your Social IQ posted at Intentional Leadership.

Mag Herrera presents A Shining Job Interview: How to Succeed posted at Life, Money & Development.

Anya presents My favourite personal development books posted at Gavin Ingham.

Sally Huss presents WHAT SURROUNDS YOU? by Sally Huss posted at Sally Huss – Addicted to Happiness!.

Alvaro Fernandez presents Neurogenesis and Brain Plasticity in Adult Brains posted at SharpBrains:.

Ann Covey presents Deciding To Decide posted at Janice Bastani Women In Business Blog.

Vidyut Kale presents Leadership and Leaders posted at Adventures in India.

George L Smyth presents One Minute How-To – How To Uncover Extraordinary Breakthroughs posted at George L Smyth.

Louise Manning presents Wasting energy posted at The Human Imprint.

Stan Ward presents Think Different posted at Idea Leaders.

Dawn Abraham Life Coach presents At Last New and Invigorating Ways to Build Motivation posted at Qualified Life Coach.Com.

Nadege presents Are you playing to win or are you playing not to lose? posted at Clearly Envision.

Mitesh Solanki presents 10 Greatest Mistakes While Brainstorming posted at Invent Creativity.

Dr. Joe Capista presents How a Vision Statement Can Influence Your Business Success posted at The Success Triangle.

Ed Konczal presents The Best Companies For Leaders Surveys Humm, I have a Problem Corporate Eye posted at Corporate Eye.

Stephen Martile presents A Sign of a Great Leader posted at by Stephen Martile.

axel presents Learning To Apologize posted at axel g.

Shawn Driscoll presents 3 Leadership Traps posted at Shawn Driscoll.

Barbara Schreiber presents 6 Unwritten Rules to Advancement in the Workplace (Professional Networking 2.0) posted at Britannica Blog.

Mike King presents Determining and Sharing Your Core Values posted at Learn This.

Shamelle presents 7 Career Advancing Tips To build An Impeccable Relationship With Your Boss posted at Enhance Life.

Chris Bailey presents Bring Your Staff Into Your Community posted at Connection Cafe – A nonprofit technology and online philanthropy blog by Convio.

Rich Maltzman, PMP presents Scrappiest Project Management Contest Ever posted at Scope crêpe.

Elizabeth Harrin presents Book review: Leadership Skills for Project and Programme Managers posted at A Girl’s Guide to Project Management.

Peter Murphy presents How To Keep A Conversation Going – The 10 Simple Steps posted at Communication Skills Power.

Gergely Gazdag presents Solving problems as a leader posted at

Erik Samdahl presents Workforce planning: Building the yellow brick road posted at Productivity Blog.

Chris presents Get Promoted Faster by Looking After Your Boss – Part 1 posted at

Drew presents 10 Tips on How to Speak Effectively in Public posted at Learning the Art of English Conversation.

Elle presents It’s Your Ship: Management Techniques from the Best Damn Ship in the Navy posted at defining someday.

And finally, sneaking in with a late 3:00am post, Anne Maybus presents The Connected and Committed Leader – a review posted at The Tall Poppy.

That’s it! Sarah, I hope you, and the rest of our readers, benefit from this wealth of advice and knowledge. Go get ’em!

The next issue of the Leadership Development Carnival will be on October 4th, with submissions due on October 3rd, using the carnival submission form.