The Leadership Development Carnival #2

Welcome to the second edition of The Leadership Development Carnival !

This month’s midway of attractions is bigger and better than ever. While last month’s successful inaugural carnival had an impressive 37 posts, this month’s edition features 41 posts!

I also did a couple things to enhance the quality of the carnival . First, I reached out to some of my favorite leadership development bloggers and asked them to submit posts. I was also more selective this month, rejecting a few submissions that I didn’t feel were relevant enough to the carnival theme of leadership or leadership development.

So go ahead – buy yourself a cotton candy, play a game of chance, ride the ferris wheel, and spend a few hours soaking up some of the best leadership development advice and information you’ll ever receive!

Featured Attractions:

Here’s posts from authors that I read on a regular basis:

We’ll start off with a double dose of Wally Bock, who presents Why the definition of leadership doesn’t matter and posted at his Three Star Leadership Blog, and Feedback: breakfast of champions posted at his other blog, Momentor.

Next up is Art Petty presenting The Emerging and Strange Alliance Between Boomers and Millennials posted at Art Petty on Management.

Tom Magness presents Battlefield Circulation (Part I) posted at Leader Business.

Lisa Haneberg presents The Creative Space – real space and the space in your head posted at Management Craft.

Kris Dunn presents Vegas Baby, from The HR Capitalist.

Chris Morgan presents Being a Role Model…. posted at Learn2Develop – Thoughts from the World of L&D.

Ask a Manager presents how to mentor someone posted at Ask a Manager.

Chris Young presents AMA Releases Interesting Stats About Employee Coaching posted at Maximize Possibility Blog.

Kevin Eikenberry presents Five Ways to Overcome Boredom at Work – and Anywhere Else posted at Kevin’s Blog.

Michael Wade presents Finding the Leadership Balance between Revealing and Filtering posted at

Jim Stroup presents Leaders and Conflict posted at Managing Leadership.

Steve Roesler presents 10 Lessons For Self-Leadership posted at All Things Workplace.

Totally Consumed presents The Stress of Leadership posted at Totally Consumed.

Step right up, there’s more!

Here’s the best of the rest:

GreatManagement presents Be on the Lookout For Desk Rage posted at The GreatManagement Blog.

Jordan Viator (written by Chris Bailey) presents Five Steps To Make Employees Your Best Brand Ambassadors posted at Connection Cafe – A nonprofit technology and online philanthropy blog by Convio.

Woman Tribune presents Mind Your Own Business Girls: Business Coaching, Education & Empowerment for Woman Entrepreneurs posted at Woman Tribune.

Tip Diva presents Tip Diva Top Ten Tips – Getting Your Ideas Heard posted at Tip Diva.

Mike King presents How to Make Delegation Work For You posted at Learn This.

Phil presents Characteristic of Leadership: Seeing Things Differently posted at What’s New On The Happy Manager.

Ben Simonton presents Leadership, Good or Bad posted at Leadership Skills.

Karl Goldfield presents Messaging: Do you hear the words coming out of my mouth? startup sales mentor blog posted at Karl Goldfield.

Anya presents Why tenacity and persistence are essential for sales success posted at Gavin Ingham.

Michael Anderson presents 12 Angry Men posted at Executive Coaching Tips.

Benjamin presents Be A Better Employee (or Boss): The #1 Element in Effective Performance Appraisals posted at Trees Full of Money.

Andrew Heath presents The Purpose of Apology posted at The Gift of Life.

David Cassell presents Feel The Pain posted at

bernardsia presents Tai Chi – The Ultimate Master’s Weapon posted at The Dark Arts of Management.

swiper presents Critical Elements of Strategic Leadership: Beyond Corporate Strategy posted at CMOE- Leadership Development.

Dawn Abraham Life Coach presents Announcing an Easy and Effective Way to Improve Your Communication Skills To You Get What You Really Want! posted at Qualified Life Coach.

Phil for Humanity presents Grow, Plateau, and Go <<> posted at Phil for Humanity.

Emmanuel presents Are your prepared for Success? posted at PACE with Emmanuel Oluwatosin.

Dereck presents A guide for increasing your creativity posted at I Will Not Die.

John Phillips presents Brett Faux posted at The Word On Employment Law.

Dr Joe Capista presents Key Behaviors for Success posted at The Success Triangle.

Alvaro Fernandez presents Top 10 Brain Training Future Trends posted at SharpBrains.

Shamelle presents 10 Vital Actions To Inspire Others And Gain Respect posted at The Enhance Life.

Steven Heron presents The Mindset Of A Leader posted at The Clan Leader – Resource Portal for Clan and Guild Leaders.

Linda Griffin presents Leadership lessons from the tennis court posted at CareerShock!.

Rich Maltzman, PMP presents Have a little look-see. posted at Scope crêpe.

Cameron Price presents The Leadership Choice posted at Leaders’ Log.

That’s it for this month. Next month’s edition will be September 6th. Deadline is September 5th; use the carnival submission form if you’d like to submit a post.