The 10 Greatest Management Theories, Models, or Methods

Sports and entertainment junkies love to debate their “greatest all time ever” lists.

What if you could only pick 10 theories, models, or methods to include in your leadership and management playbook – what would they be? Or, if you could only teach 10 things as a management trainer, what would they be?

To make it easier, I went to this site and picked my top 10:

1. Situational Leadership (Blanchard Hershey)

2. Management by Objectives (Drucker)

3. Hierarchy of Needs (Maslow)

4. Change Phases (Kotter)

5. Five Competitive Forces (Porter)

6. Change Equation (Beckhard)

7. Three Levels of Culture (Schein)

8. Disruptive Innovation (Christensen)

9. Leadership Pipeline (Charon Drotter)

10. Stages of Team Development (Tuckman)

It was a bit of a humbling exercise, by the way. I found out I have a lot to learn.

So what would you have on your list? What should be a “top 10 must”, and why?