19 Change Tips For Leaders During Turbulent Times

1.Make time to get out and see people. When you are with them spend most of the time listening.

2. Resist the urge to try and take control of everything. Instead get your star performers involved and rely on them.

3. Tell your people everything that might matter to them. If there are things you cannot tell them, tell them that.

4. Strong emotions will not disappear overnight. Provide opportunities for people to talk. Be patient.

5. Build trust by framing everything you do and say in a way that expresses your trust in them.

6. Find ways to involve as many people as possible as early as possible.

7. Be reliable by doing exactly what you say. If you don’t admit it and explain.

8. Reward people for doing what needs to get done.

9. Show that you care about everyone in the organization including those that may not be directly impacted.

10. Be careful to not let sarcasm or cynicism creep into your language.

11. Provide more frequent feedback to let people know they are appreciated for doing the right things and making improvements.

12. Bolster self esteem by helping people see their strengths.

13. If you cannot tell people something explain why in sufficient detail.

14. Suggest people participate in change skills sessions.

15. Replace or adjust the measures that do not reflect the current priorities.

16. Go out of your way to reinforce the behavior and results desired.

17. Re-affirm the important project milestones and deliverables.

18. Separate what is “business as usual” from what is or soon may be different.

19. Focus on individual coaching in a way that helps people see themselves being successful.