20 signs of a good leader

Great list from Tom Peters:

20 signs of a good leader:

Good leadership comes in all shapes and sizes. However there are a number of things that great leaders have in common. These are 20 of them:

Leaders create opportunities for others.

Leaders are not always the best performers. The ability to lead is seldom teamed up with the best ability.

Leaders implement.

Leaders make mistakes, and then learn from them.

Leaders create new markets. No one has become great through countless line extensions.

Leaders love to learn.

Leaders know their weaknesses and strengths.

Leaders enjoy leading.

Leaders accept responsibility

Leaders create a blame-free culture.

Leaders do not give orders, but encourage performance and innovation.

Leaders cultivate and encourage new leaders.

Leaders poach future leaders and forward thinkers from within the business.

Leaders are open to new and out-of-the-box ideas.

Leaders protect young leaders or mavericks from negativity and bureaucracy.

Leaders create heroes that show how you want people to be.

Leaders know when to fight and when to let go.

Leaders are sales people. They are able to get others to buy into their ideas.

Leaders understand the importance of relationships.

Leaders know when to take a break.I