Speaking and Consulting

In addition to offering executive development programs though the Paul College of Business at the University of New Hampshire, I’m available on a limited basis to do my own side hustle through Great Leadership.

Presentations, Concurrent Sessions, Panel Discussions
Here are a few of my most popular presentations; each can be done in 60-90 minutes:

- An Eight Step Guide to Developing Your Leadership Skills

- The Art and Science of Employee/Leadership Development

- How to Write a Great Individual Development Plan (IDP)

- Using the Performance and Potential Matrix to Assess Talent

- 10 Mistakes Every Leader Should Make (and learn from) before They Die

- How to Design a Succession Planning and Development Program

Fee: varies, usually a flat per day fee.

Here's a presentation I did for managers at REI Systems called "Your role as a Manager in developing Employees'":

Succession Planning and Leadership Development Consulting
So you think you need to be doing succession planning and leadership development, but could use a little help? Been there, done that, and I’d be glad to partner with you. We can design your succession planning process, design a leadership development program, or whatever else is missing from your system. If you need resources, I’ll help you find them.

Fee: hourly, phone or ½ to full day working sessions. Fire me when you’ve gotten what you need.

Talent Review Preparation Coaching and Meeting Facilitation
Preparing for and conducting your first talent review, either as a manager or HR pro, can be a daunting task. I can help get you plan and get ready for this critical review with your management team. I can even facilitate the first meeting for you, and/or observe and give feedback and coaching. The objective would be to transfer the capability so you can do it yourself ASAP with complete confidence.

Fee: hourly

360 Degree Feedback interpretation, debrief, development planning, and executive coaching
It’s a big mistake to complete a 360 degree, or multi-rater assessment, without a professional debrief. The reports can be confusing and managers will often overreact and underreact to the data and comments. Even if they can objectively interpret their own report, they often don’t know what to do with the data.
I’m certified in CCL’s Benchmarks, SKILLSCOPE, Hogan assessments, Hay's ESCI, the LPI, and I’ve never seen a 360 I couldn’t figure out and interpret with a little advance preparation.
I’ll review your report and conduct a telephone debrief. You’ll walk away with a clear understanding of your report feedback and your top 3 strengths and development needs. Longer term coaching is an option as well. I can also do group debriefs.

Fee: hourly.

No thanks, I’ll pass. It’s not that it’s not important; it’s just that I’m really bad at it. I once got a leadership team lost in the woods and had to call the park ranger to rescue them.

Contact me at danmccarth@gmail.com to discuss.