Wednesday, October 8, 2014

From Great Employee to Lousy Boss

Why do great employees often turn out to be lousy managers?

Read my latest post over at Management and Leadership to find out why.



Brett LeFever said...

We look at someone's Competencies when we promote them and allow it to over shaddow their character that may not be so high.

Dan McCarthy said...

Brett -
Thanks for your comment! Yes, unfortunately that happens.

Michelle Rinke said...

I agree that some of the best work performers may be poor managers. Perhaps one way to avoid promoting the wrong person is to have them undergo an evaluation where they are required to answer a few questions on common managing scenarios. They can also be put on a "trail run" to assess whether they are in fact good managers. Although I understand that businesses hire/promote because they need a person NOW, but I feel if they were proactive in choosing their staff, they wouldn't need to keep hiring/promoting to find the right person.

Dan McCarthy said...

Michelle -
Thanks for your suggestion! Potential managers should also be asked about WHY they want to be become a manager, just to make sure it's for the right reasons.