Thursday, January 14, 2010

My Top 6 Excuses for Not Blogging

You may have noticed that my posts are a little less frequent these days. I also have not been able to visit and comment on many of my favorite blogs or be too active on Twitter.

It's certainly not because I've lost any of my passion for blogging... I still love writing about leadership and leadership development.

Fortunately, it's nothing serious. When I hear about some of the personal challenges others are facing, I count my blessing every day that my family and I are healthy and happy.

It's just that, well, I've just been busy. Way busy. It's one of those spikes in activity, which is probably typical for this time of year.

Here are the top 6 things that are getting in the way of my blogging:

1. Succession planning and leadership development.
Ironic, huh? My day job gets all consuming this time of year. We start our formal succession planning this time of year. There's VP meetings, talent reviews, IDPs, program design, yada, yada, yada... I'm in the epicenter of all the stuff I love to write about with little time and energy left to write about it. On a bad day, I'll get frustrated and wonder "what's the point"? On a good day, I feel like I'm in a zone, with a major buzz of accomplishment.
There's the rest of our work too, which all seems to be spiking at once. I'm lucky to lead an awesome team that never complains and always steps up to the plate.

2. Travel.
Lot's of work and personal travel coming up, which tends to compress everything else. These days, like everyone else, I really hate air travel. Every time I fly I swear I'll never do it again.

3. Playoff football.
Given that I do much of my writing on weekends, a 2-a-day playoff football regimen consumes much of my free time. I love the match-ups this weekend!

4. Family and friends.
The holidays were great, and spilling into January with birthdays, college breaks, and other fun stuff. It's all good, just busy.

5. I'm dieting.
That's not really an excuse, but it just makes me cranky. I feel like a damn rabbit these days with all of the vegetables. I'm craving an order of hot wings, extra blue cheese, and a slice of chocolate cake.

6. American Idol.
Yes, we're Idol junkies. I'm actually going to miss Paula.

As I read these over, it's a pretty weak list of excuses. I promise, I'll have something for you soon. Or better yet, does anyone have an excuse I can borrow?


Jennifer V. Miller said...


First of all, leadership succession planning is a mighty fine *reason*, not excuse. Secondly-- oh go on, EAT a few wings. It will curb the rabbit urges.

Jane Perdue said...

Dan -

As a fellow Idol junkie (probably the first time I've confessed to that!), how about "I'm coaching Simon on how to manage his impending career transition" as excuse 6.a?!

With a smile,


Polymath said...

I myself am very busy, developing web applications during the day and my personal project, in the evenings, but i always find time to go into my blog and write for 10 minutes about whatever has been on my mind. I don't think it should take much time to research a subject and give an opinion about it, or just write down your thoughts and ideas.

You have to have passion for writing for your fans. There is always time to blog, you just have to sacrifice from something else or find time in between tasks to write, or else you've just lost the passion and it has become less important than what you've replaced blogging with.

Saying that you don't have time is an excuse, but saying that it isn't important to you anymore is a good reason not to blog.

Just lettin ya know how I feel about the subject.

Dan McCarthy said...

Jennifer -
OK - and the cake too? Thanks.

Jane -
Love it! Thanks.

Polymath -
OK, I agree that having time is all about priority, and I appreciate your advice. I'm readily admitting that other things are taking priority in my life, and I'm fine with that.
I've always admired those bloggers that can crank out posts in 10 minutes - I can't. It takes me at least an hour to write my posts, sometimes way more.