Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The August Leadership Development Carnival and the Best 2009 Leadership Blog

Mary Jo Asmus, from Intentional Leadership, is hosting the August Leadership Development Carnival. Check it out, there's the usual great collection of leadership blogs, and make sure you subscribe to Intentional Leadership and follow MJ on Twitter while you're at it.

Thanks, Mary Jo, for filling in so I could take a little R&R this week.

I want to congratulate Steve Roesler, from All Things Workplace, this years winner of the Best Leadership Blogs 2009 contest, which was hosted by Kevin Eikenberry. Steve won the competition last year too, and if you've never read his blog, take a look and you'll see why. Steve is a great writer, and has a ton of experience and wisdom to share. This one's a must to subscribe to. Might as well follow him on Twitter too while you're at it.

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