Friday, May 22, 2009

Great Leadership Updates

Just some random updates and news for my regular subscribers and readers:

SmartBrief liked the post I wrote about a moratorium on CEO success studies and asked me to write a similar guest post on their SmartBlog on Workforce. Here's the summary that went out on SmartBrief on Leadership and 2-3 of their other Briefs this morning:

On Leadership

In defense of people skills Leadership blogger Dan McCarthy swears he'll read no more news stories about research into the traits of successful CEOs. A
recent David Brooks column in the New York Times sent him around the bend. Brooks said new research showed that warm, team-oriented CEOs are less likely to succeed. McCarthy says Brooks misinterprets. Plenty of studies show people skills are crucial at the top, he writes on our SmartBlog on Workforce. "I think we collectively need to spend less time studying what makes a successful CEO, or leader, and more time developing those skills," he writes. Read other Brooks' critics.

Looks like I'm not the only one who took issues with the Brooks piece. So did Wally, Miki, and Mary Jo.

Speaking of SmartBrief, I've recently added their Leadership Brief widget on the sidebar of my blog, so you can see their top stories every day.

Other "sidebar" updates:

I've added a few new blogs to the blogroll, including:
Ann Bares's new Compensation Cafe
Lisa Haneberg's Management Craft
Alex Kjerulf's Chief Happiness Officer
DDI's Talent Management Intelligence
and The Tom Peter's Weblog.

All are excellent leadership & management resources, and all were generous in adding Great Leadership to their own blogrolls. I was particularly stoked about cracking Tom Peter's exclusive list - it had to go through a review process to be considered. I'm planted right between Gothamist and Health Affiars. Yikes.

You may have noticed a few other changes on the sidebar. I'm experimenting with a new sponsored job board - a tool that let's you search five different boards with one search. Give it a try. Yes, there are jobs out there!

I removed my Amazon favorite's book list - it was taking too long to load on a lot of readers. However, I'm still an Amazon affiliate - see the Father's Day Deals widget, right above my picture. Please do your Amazon shopping through this link, as I'll get a small commission on anything you purchase. Helps pay for the coffee and donuts.

I've added a couple new brag badges and blog ranking lists: Evan Carmichael's Top 50 HR Blogs, and Invesp's Top 50 Leadership Blogs. Here's today's leadership rankings (top 10 only):

Leadership Blogs: The ultimate rank:
1st How to Change the World
2nd Seths Blog
3rd Education Week: Leadership And Management
4th Management Craft
5th Great Leadership
6th The Practice of Leadership
7th The Bing Blog
8th Life Beyond Code
9th The Long Tail
10th Curious Cat Management Improvement Blog

Thanks to all of you, for subscribing, linking, and reading. I really appreciate your support, it means so much to me and motivates me to keep it up.

The Next Leadership Development Carnival:

I skipped a Carnival last month, I had too much going on over the weekend. I love doing them, but they are time consuming. In the future, I'll probably ask different leadership bloggers to host them on the in-between months.

In the meantime, the next Leadership Development Carnival will be hosted right here on June 7th. Use the Carnival Submission Form if you'd like to submit a post.

That's it for now. I hope you have a great Memorial Day weekend!


Becky Robinson said...

Congratulations on your ranking Dan. Looking forward to the Carnival of Leadership. Thanks for the updates.

Eclecticity said...

What a great honor Dan. Keep up the great work. You should be mighty proud to have such a recognized and respected blog in a relatively short time. E.

Dan McCarthy said...

Becky, E,


Dan McCarthy said...

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