Thursday, April 23, 2009

Did You Forget Administrative Professional Day?

If this is a surprise to you, it’s too late – it’s over. You missed it. Administrative Professional’s day, formerly Secretary’s Day, was Wednesday, April 22nd. That’s yesterday - nice going. Maybe you can still get a deal on flowers.

Or perhaps you just ignored it.

In either case, you’re not alone. As I looked around the office yesterday, I didn’t see many if any cards, bouquets of flowers, or managers taking their support staff out to lunch.

There's only a small card section dedicated to it - about a half dozen to pick from. I scanned my blogroll and RSS reader, and didn’t see a single blog post mention of the day.

I can remember when “Secretary’s Day” was like a holiday in offices. Now, it’s overshadowed by Earth Day.

For whatever reason, - I’m not even sure why, honoring our administrative assistants has faded away, along with the three martini lunch. I never got a memo, and I'm pretty sure it's not violating any HR policy. It’s a shame. I guess I’m a dinosaur; I still give a card to anyone who’s helped me set up a meeting, straighten out an expense report, or prepare for an important presentation. And I’ve never had one thrown back in my face.

(This working girl sure loved her flowers.)

OK, I guess I can accept it - we can do without another phony Hallmark holiday. But here’s what really bugs me – since when did "national suck-up day", errr…, Bosses’ Day, turn into a bigger workplace celebration than Secretary’s Day? Don’t get me wrong – I love my boss – she’ll get a card too - and I really appreciate the nice cards from my team- but please, no flowers for the managers.

I'm pretty sure I'm in the minority here, so I'd love to hear your thoughts on Administrative Professional’s day. Good riddance or a missed opportunity? Did you do anything for it? Do you find it offensive, or just outdated, and why?


James Higham said...

Sorry, I did miss it. Can I be forgiven?

Dan McCarthy said...

James -
Nice to hear from you. Hmmm, you'll have to ask your admin that question. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

I have been working for the same company for 10 years now and for the first 7 years I also received a lovely bouquet of flowers for Administrative Professionals day, but the last 3 years I have received nothing and no one even says anything to me on that day. It really does piss me off to say the least. The least someone could do is at least acknowledge the day and let you know that you are appreciated. I love my company (if I didn't, I wouldn't have been here for 10 years), but that's the one day of the year that I really think that secretary's should at least get a thank you for all your hard work.

CherryPie said...

I have never heard of it before and I am the Admin!

Dan McCarthy said...

Anon -
That's too bad, I'm sorry to hear that.

Cherrie -
Must be a U.S. thing.

Anonymous said...

I didn't forget. I provided modest flowers and a sincere thank you card. I did so with some trepidation, howerver, because most admins are really super admins today and/or have multiple jobs which are not admin in nature. I was concerned that the acknowledgement would be an insult. Fortunately, it was not.

Dan McCarthy said...

Anon #2 -
Good call.

run4life said...

Interesting, I have never heard of secretary or bosses day. I find it to be interesting!

Just another HR lady said...

I typically remind my managers when Admin Professionals Day is coming up. This year, the dreaded "it costs too much" came up, so instead of doing flowers or gifts for all, we had a pizza lunch for all the admins together. They had a really good time, and didn't even seem to notice we were saving dollars.

Anonymous said...

Secretary of 7

I was acknowledged for Administrative Professionals Day. Although what was done for me…did come across as an afterthought and half hearted.
(I was given something I am allergic to) In this economy I am just happy to have a job.