Wednesday, March 4, 2009

March Madness Takes Over the Carnival of HR!

March madness has taken over the latest Carnival of HR.....and I need your help!

Kris Dunn, from The HR Capitalist, is hosting the latest edition of the Carnival. Kris is also owner and CEO of Fistful of Talent (FOT). Each quarter, FOT has been evaluating talent management blogs and publishing a talent management blog power rating. I've been honored to have had Great Leadership place in the top 10 of the rankings (see brag badge on sidebar).

This time, Kris and FOT will be using a NCAA basketball tournament bracket format. Blogs will be paired off with a round of 32 match-ups, and then move to the rounds of 16, 8, 4 and then of course, the final match up. Winners move on, survive and advance. 5 rounds in all, 2 days to vote on all the match-ups in each round (10 total business days in the tournament).

Pretty cool, and a fun way to read a lot of awesome relevant talent management blogs. For me, I sort of feel like a contestant on American Idol.

So please head on over, read the rules, and play the game for the next 10 days. Pass this post along to friends, family, and co-workers and invite them to play. Unlike Idol, there's no charge to vote.

And don't forget to vote for Great Leadership!



BomiM said...

Hi Dan,

At a 49% votes for Great Leadership vs. 51% for HR Thoughts is really up close.

When we drum up the momentum for increased participation during internal "employee engagement" surveys with out crossing the thin line on ethical issues, I find the word of mouth works very well. In this case a follow up to check with "Have you cast your vote ... it means a lot to us" or something similar would surely help.


Dan McCarthy said...

Bomi - Thanks! I appreciate your support. I'm not surprised it's close - HR Thoughts is a a very good HR blog, and I have a lot of respect for the owner. In fact, they are all very good.

Lisa Rosendahl said...

Hi Dan, was planning on checking in to say when I saw we were paired but am just getting to this now. This was a great idea on Kris' part. We have been neck and neck all day - fun little competition!

Dan McCarthy said...

Lisa -
It is fun, and it appeals to my competitive nature. Although I'd be very happy if you won too. If you do, I'll vote for you the rest of the way - if I'm going to lose, I'd want to lose to the best!

Lisa Rosendahl said...

Ok, now I am blushing. For that, my vote for you is now officially sealed!